What are DStv Products? – Explained

DStv products are digital satellite television services provided by MultiChoice Africa.

DStv Products

The company offers a variety of packages with different channels and content, allowing customers to choose a package that suits their needs and preferences.

DStv Products are available in many countries

  • Africa
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Zambia
  • And more

DStv packages offer a wide range of channels, including news, sport, movies, music, and more.

Customers can also add additional channel packages, such as DStv Kids and DStv CatchUp, to their subscriptions.

DStv products are available on a variety of platforms

  • Mobile – DStv Now
  • Online Streaming
  • Satellite Television

MultiChoice Africa is constantly innovating and expanding its DStv product offerings.

This is to provide the best possible viewing experience for its customers.

DStv Products and Packages – In South Africa

DStv Products and Packages

Available DStv Products

  • Satellite Decoders
  • Dstv Dishes
  • Streama
  • LNB
  • Remote Controls
  • Cables & Accessories
  • TV Wall Brackets
  • TV Blasters & Links
  • Decoder Power Supply
  • DStv Now

DStv Packages 2022

DStv Packages 2022

What are the DStv packages and prices?

  • Premium Package from R839
  • Access Package from R120
  • Family Package from R309
  • Compact Plus Package from R549
  • Compact Package from R429
  • Easy View Package from R29
  • Click HERE for more info

Satellite Decoders

Satellite Decoders

What are the different types of DStv decoders?

DStv HD Single View Decoders

DStv Explora Models

  • 3A
  • 3B
  • 2A
  • Explora Ultra
  • More Decoder Info


  • HD PVR (4 Tuner & 2 Tuner)
  • SD PVR
  • More Decoder Info

For all the latest Decoder Prices & Specials – Click HERE

DStv Dishes

  • 80cm Aluminium Dish
  • 80cm Mild steel dish

DStv Streama


  • Old LMX500
  • Quattro LNB
  • Twin LNB
  • LMX502i
  • Universal LNB
  • LMX501
  • Single LNB
  • Quad LNB
  • UniCable LNB
  • Dual LNB
  • More INFO on Smart LNB

DStv Remote controls

  • A4 Remote Control
  • A6 Remote Control
  • A7 Remote Control
  • B5 Remote Control
  • B6 Remote Control
  • B8 Remote Control
  • Remote for SD PVR
  • DStv Remote Prices

Cables & Accessories

Cables & Accessories

  • HDMI Cables
  • RCA Cables
  • Heart Beat Cable
  • Standard Wall Dish Bracket
  • Extended DStv Dish Bracket
  • RG6 Braid 100M Cable Roll
  • Heart Beat & SLX Splitter (all in one)
  • F-Twist Connectors
  • TV Link Splitter
  • TV Satellite Signal Finder Meter
  • Multiswitch

TV Wall Brackets

TV Wall Brackets

  • 35cm – 127cm Ultra Slim Universal TV Wall Bracket
  • 37 inch -70 inch Curved TV Bracketor Flat Panel
  • 37 inch -70 inch Easy Mount Low Profile TV Wall Bracket
  • 14 inch -747 inch Tilt & swivel wall mount TV bracket
  • And more

TV Blasters & links

  • TV Link IR Injector
  • Triax TV link
  • Add On – USB Remote Blaster
  • USB Remote Blaster Set
  • Wi-Fi Connector

Decoder Power Supply

Decoder Power Supply

  • DStv Explora Power Supply
  • HD Single Power Supply
  • And more

DStv Now

DStv Packages with Channels list – Costs / Prices

DStv Packages with Channels list

DStv Premium Package

DStv Compact Plus Package

DStv Compact Package

DStv Family Package

DStv Access Package

DStv Easy View Package

DStv Channels 2022 / 2023

Compare all your DStv Channels

DStv Products Installed Today! – Dstv Installer Near Me

Dstv Installer Near Me

Our DStv Installers near me offer the installation & set up of all DStv Products.

  • Security Installations near me
  • LNB DStv Installation
  • DStv Repairs Near Me
  • Aerial Installations
  • DStv Troubleshooting & Self Service
  • Communal DStv installation
  • DStv dish alignment
  • DStv Voucher Installers
  • Installation DStv decoder
  • Extra TV Points
  • Extra View Setup & Installation
  • DStv Relocation
  • Home Theatre installer near me
  • TV Installation Near Me – TV Mounting
  • Install DStv dish
  • DStv Installations Near Me

For more information on our Installers Near Me – Click HERE

People also ASK – MultiChoice Products & Dstv Services

Dstv Services

What is the full meaning of DStv?

DStv is an abbreviation for Digital Satellite Television.

It’s a digital TV service that’s offered in South Africa and a number of other African countries.

  • The service provides subscribers with a selection of local and international channels that can be watched on TV or streamed live to mobile devices.

How much is DStv Compact 2022?

The price is R429 per month

How much is DStv Extra 2022?

The cost is R105 Access fee per secondary decoder

  • Click here to find out more

How much is a new DStv decoder?

Explora Ultra Decoder Price starts from R1799

How much is DStv PVR monthly?

The access fee is R105 excluding the monthly package subscription

How many DStv Decoders can be connected in Extra View?

2 or 3 Decoders can be connected

Pep DStv decoder prices?

What does DStv BoxOffice offer?

DStv WiFi connector USB 3000

DStv WiFi connector USB 3000: Enjoy Wireless entertainment DStv is a popular choice in South Africa when it comes to entertainment. You can choose any DStv package of your choice and enjoy unlimited entertainment with your DStv WiFi connector USB 3000. Now you can enjoy your DStv by connecting it to the internet! What is … Read more