New DStv Decoder Available – Explora Ultra

A new DStv decoder is always something to look forward to. Over the years, Multichoice has had its clients anticipating this release. They thus recently released the new DStv Explora Ultra, and it is quite impressive. This decoder is unlike the previous models, and its features are bound to keep you watching your TV for longer than before. It will give you more value for your money under any DStv Package Subscription you have, and you can redefine your viewing experience.

New DStv Decoder

Is the new DStv decoder available countrywide?

As more homeowners are looking to get this decoder, our company aims to make it simpler. Indeed, you can now get the new DStv decoder from us at the best deals. Our deals are available all year, and you can thus get the decoder any time you want. In addition, we offer installations for the new decoder at low prices.

We will thus ensure your decoder is installed and working as well as it should. We are indeed your best option for all DStv-related matters.

The new DStv decoder is only available at selected stores. This can thus make it quite hard to get one. You, however, don’t have to worry about that as you can get the new DStv decoder from our company. Indeed, we are accredited by Multichoice to sell the decoder.

In addition, our team is also licensed to install this new model for the best performance and strong connectivity. Indeed, you can reach out to us for any installation needs you have. Our team is fast and has the right tools. We will thus have your decoder and satellite dish installed and working in no time.

Which features are available on the new DStv decoder?

The new DStv decoder has many features that make it better than the old models. In addition, it works smoothly and ensures you always get a good visual experience as you watch. Here are some of the features you get to enjoy with this new decoder;

#1. Clearer picture and sound quality

Firstly, Multichoice has worked to ensure this decoder offers the best viewing experience. This is primarily from its picture and audio quality. Indeed, it supports 4k streaming, and you can plug it into a supported TV without any challenges. It will thus show this high picture quality for all your sports and music streaming.

In addition, the new DStv decoder uses Dolby Atmos for clearer sound. You can thus watch all your favourite movies better and more immersively. Indeed, the new DStv decoder lets you create a cinema experience anytime you watch.

#2. A simplified interface

Finding your way around your DStv interface was quite challenging in previous models. The new DStv decoder, however, makes it simpler and easier. You can thus scroll through the interface and locate your desired content conveniently. Indeed, you never have to struggle with this process.

#3. Integration of streaming services

This feature sets the new DStv decoder apart from all other previous version decoders. It allows you to integrate streaming platforms such as Showmax, Amazon Prime and Netflix. You can thus watch all your favourite Tv series and movies on any third-party streaming service from your DStv Explora Ultra. In addition, you can maintain high picture and sound quality while streaming on these platforms.

This thus ensures you can watch your Netflix movies in 4K. It is indeed a convenient feature and will ensure you never miss a moment. In addition, you can choose to include your Netflix subscription in your DStv bill. This will thus mean that you will only receive one bill, and making the payments will be faster and simpler. Indeed, the new DStv decoder will ensure you never fall behind or forget to have your subscriptions in order.

#4. More ports for connectivity

The DStv Explora Ultra offers more connectivity options and a wider port selection. Indeed, you have a faster USB transfer port that lets you watch content from the memory stick. In addition, the HDMI 2.0 lets you broadcast 4K content to any supported screen. This is an important feature that will ensure minimal delays and no blurs while you watch.

The ethernet port on the new DStv decoder is also faster. You can thus achieve higher internet speeds on your decoder for a smooth streaming experience. Importantly, this will ensure you don’t experience any buffering while watching your shows on Netflix or Showmax. You will thus remain entertained regardless of the platform you watch your new decoder on. It is an important feature.

#5. More recording time

The new DStv decoder offers additional recording hours for both HD and other content quality. Indeed, you never have to settle for lower recording quality to save space. It lets you get over 100 hours of HD recording, and you can easily save them. In addition, the recordings can proceed while you watch another channel, ensuring you don’t miss any shows in case they coincide. It is indeed an impressive feature of Multichoice.

All the new features on the new DStv decoder are designed to improve your viewing experience. It is simpler to use, and offers improved abilities and other benefits. You can thus get the most from the DStv Explora Ultra. Importantly, you can now enjoy over 150 channels with immersive content from the comfort of your home.

Do you need to get the new decoder?

Yes, you should get the new decoder as it offers the best features. This DStv Explora Ultra comes after seven years of design and engineering effort. You are thus sure to have the best experience while using it. In addition, its picture quality and sound clarity will ensure you never miss a moment while watching or streaming. Indeed, it will give you good value for your money.

New DStv Decoder

Furthermore, Multichoice allows you to proceed with your subscription after the new DStv decoder installation. Indeed, you don’t have to pay before your subscription is due. You can also choose to add your Netflix account to it and get deals in payments. Indeed, this decoder will ensure you enjoy your viewership even more. It is thus a reliable and convenient option to have.

How can you get our services – New DStv decoder?

We have made it simpler to get the new DStv decoder. You can purchase it from our team at the best deals. In addition, our installation team is available throughout South Africa. We will thus ensure your decoder is installed and working correctly in no time.

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It is simple to get our services. Firstly, you can call us at the number on our website. Secondly, write to us on Whatsapp or by email. Importantly, we will have an expert ready to handle all your concerns.

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