Latest Netflix Decoder

Netflix is a popular streaming service in the country. Indeed, many households use it to supplement their watching by enjoying all the TV shows and movies it offers. Multichoice has taken up the opportunity to integrate your DStv subscription into your Netflix account. Importantly, you can now stream all your Netflix shows through the decoder. This Netflix decoder option is a convenient way that lets you to monitor your viewing patterns better.

Netflix decoder

What features does the Netflix decoder have?

Multichoice has launched the DStv Explora Ultra for easier integration with your Netflix. Its inbuilt apps allow for easier configuration and streaming. Furthermore, if you don’t have an account, you can use the platform to register an account and begin to watch all the available programs.

The decoder is readily available from our Dstv company, and you can get it at the best deals. In addition, our team is available countrywide for faster installations. Indeed, we will ensure you have a reliable Netflix (deal) decoder for all your watching needs.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The Netflix decoder is packed with the best features that let it stand out from previous models. Indeed, it ensures you always get an elevated streaming experience.

Firstly, the Netflix decoder offers inbuilt wifi connectivity. Importantly, you can easily access the wifi menu on your TV and connect easily. Furthermore, you can also perform speed tests on your decoder to ensure your internet is strong enough to stream all your favourite shows.

4K and Dolby Atmos

Secondly, the Netflix decoder supports a 4K picture quality and Dolby Atmos sound quality. Indeed, it ensures you have the best clarity as you watch your Netflix shows. In addition, you can also watch other shows on your DStv subscription through this decoder.

It ensures you never miss any part of the action. The Dolby Atmos sound system ensures your audio quality is high and clear. Indeed, you have several sound options to choose from, allowing you to create a cinema feeling while you watch your shows.

Simple user interface

Thirdly, the Netflix decoder has a better interface compared to other models. Indeed, this feature makes it simpler to use and navigate around.

Furthermore, you can select all your preferred options and configurations conveniently. Indeed, this feature will allow you to get the most from this decoder and allow you to make any necessary activations for your Netflix account.

Integrated streaming services

The Netflix decoder is also designed to cover more users with additional app-based streaming services. These include Showmax and others.

Indeed, you can now log into your preferred platform and stream any shows. This important feature lets you integrate all your viewing needs into one platform for simpler monitoring and smooth payments.

How can you make payments on your Netflix decoder?

Multichoice has added a payment integration feature for users on DStv Explora Ultra with Netflix accounts.

Importantly, you can choose to add your subscription to the monthly Dstv billing and pay them together. Indeed, it ensures your subscription is always updated and that you can closely monitor the bills.

Furthermore, you will be entitled to any available offers. It has thus made it easier for users all across the country to keep track of their accounts and thus get better value for their money. You can also reach out to our team for assistance in making the integrations and completing the payments.

In addition, we will help you make upgrades to your DStv or Netflix subscriptions whenever you want to. Indeed, we have you covered on all your Netflix decoder needs.

How to add your Netflix account to your decoder

Integrating your Netflix account with the DStv Explora Ultra decoder is now simpler, and you don’t need an expert for assistance. Indeed, you can complete the process on your own as it doesn’t involve a lot of technical processes.

You can, however, reach out to our professionals for assistance in case you encounter challenges in the process. Importantly, we will ensure your setup is complete and working as well as it should.

Users with Netflix accounts

It is simpler and fast if you already have an existing Netflix account. In addition, you won’t have to make additional payments for this. First, click on the Netflix application on your Netflix decoder menu. Secondly, you will get the sign-in menu, and you can proceed to enter your details using the decoder remote. Finally, it will log into your account, and you can begin streaming your desired content. Furthermore, you should ensure your internet connectivity is high for proper picture quality and smooth streaming.

Users without a Netflix account

It is also easy to sign up for a Netflix account through the Netflix decoder. Indeed, all you need is an email address and a valid billing card. Importantly, you can use a similar account to the one on your DStv during your signup process. It will thus be added to your DStv, and you will receive a joint monthly bill for the two accounts.

Firstly, start the Netflix app on the decoder and select the “Sign Up” option. Secondly, fill in all the required fields and select your preferred payment methods. Finally, your account will be created, and you can proceed to activate it through your email address.

Indeed, your subscription is ready to watch. The Netflix account will be added to your DStv Explora Ultra decoder, and you can now stream your shows conveniently.

What happens when you don’t pay your DStv subscription?

In some cases, you might run behind on your DStv subscription. Indeed, the Netflix decoder will still record this, and your package will remain on hold until your next payment.

It is, however, important to note that it will remain separate from your Netflix subscription. You can thus proceed to watch all your shows on Netflix while your decoder remains inactive.

If your accounts are linked, however, it is different. You will have to pay a joint bill on the two accounts meaning their renewal will be on the same days. Indeed, your subscription to both will expire, and your Netflix will not work.

It is thus important to always note down the respective days on which the subscriptions fall due. You can also check this information from your account easily.

Blocked Accounts on a Netflix decoder

In some cases, the Netflix decoder will encounter some problems where one of your accounts is blocked. It could either be the Netflix or the DStv accounts. Firstly, if you have integrated the payments on your accounts, Multichoice will be your contact point for any challenges you encounter with your subscription. Importantly, they will help you unblock any account and proceed with your subscriptions and viewing.

Netflix decoder

In case you haven’t integrated the payments, it means you pay for your Netflix apart. If your account is thus blocked, you will need to contact Netflix. Furthermore, you can inform them about your setup for reasons that could lead to your account getting blocked. You can thus carry on watching your preferred shows.

What are the prices of the Netflix decoder?

The Netflix decoder is the latest decoder version from Multichoice. It came out after over 6 years of development. Indeed, its features make it a reliable option and set it apart from the rest. Its integration with Netflix is also a proper option for many people as you can switch from one platform to the next. Indeed, it ensures you always get an uninterrupted viewing experience.

The DStv Explora Ultra decoder is only available in select stores across the country. It is however available at our company, and you can get them at the best deals. Indeed, our experts will help you select the decoder that works best for you. Our company also offers installation and Netflix integration. Indeed, we will ensure you have a properly working system and that you always have proper value for your money.

The Netflix decoder is a perfect addition to your watching experience.