DStv is undoubtedly the most popular satellite television service in the whole of South Africa. It has millions of subscribers across the country. It was losing the sheen in the wake of stiff competition. Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Fearing erosion in the subscriber base. MultiChoice, the parent company, worked out a deal with Netflix. At the 2020 Showcase event, the Dstv Explora ultra 4K decoder was launched with great fanfare. The company’s loyal subscribers have welcomed the concept of a DStv decoder. It is integrated with Netflix through integration with a third-party app. It is DStv Explora ultra price that has been a subject of speculation among the consumers.

What is dstvexplora ultra price

The price tag of the new Dstv Explora Ultra is high

The price of the earlier generation of decoders from DStv was quite cheap. Even the most advanced decoder called Explora 3 is reasonable. Most of the new Dstv Explora ultra 4K decoder features and functionalities are similar to Explora 3. It is why ardent fans of DStv were expecting the DStv Explora ultra price to be only slightly higher than the cost of Explora 3.

Integration of Netflix will make the price bearable

According to the insiders, MultiChoice has decided to set its latest decoder at a higher price. Even higher than Explora 3. It will be a little bit shocking for the crazy fans as they could get DStv installation with Explora 3 for less than the Explora ultra. DStv installation along with the latest DStv Explora ultra decoder is on promotion with Dstv Installers Johannesburg. Lastly, The company hopes that the additional feature of Netflix’s integration through a third-party app will prove irresistible for the customers.

At least, the new decoder will give the customers a choice. The choice to subscribe and unsubscribe to Netflix’s service anytime they so desire. Also, every customer will have to pay a monthly charge for this feature of Netflix to DStv. It is not clear whether the bill for watching content on Netflix will be added to DStv’s monthly account. It may be separate and paid directly to Netflix.

A separate bill for using the Netflix package

Furthermore, DStv subscribers do not know if they will be charged different amounts for subscribing to Netflix’s various plans. It might be similar to other countries around the world. Things will become clear when the new decoder comes onto the shelves in DStv stores in South Africa. Customers would come to know about various Netflix packages on offer. Their prices are to be paid every month.

Calvo Mawela, the CEO of DStv, has said that subscribers will love the performance of DStv Explora ultra. This is because of its features and functionalities. They will record, stream, and download content according to their liking. Not just DStv channels but also from Netflix using this new decoder.

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