Upholsterers near me

Upholsterers near me

Are you in need of an upholsterer? Upholsterers are professionals who specialize in repairing and reupholstering furniture, cars, boats, and more.

Importance of finding a good upholsterer


Finding a good upholsterer is crucial because you want to ensure that the job is done right the first time around.

In this article, we’ll explain everything related to upholsterers

  • What to look for in an upholsterer,
  • The benefits of searching for upholsterers near me
  • How to find upholsterers near you

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Furniture Upholstery Services on offer

Furniture Upholstery Services

A professional upholsterer can help make your furniture look and feel like new again.

Sofa upholstery & Couch upholstery

Sofa upholstery & Couch upholstery

  • Upholsterers can reupholster or repair sofas, including sectional sofas, loveseats, and other types of seating.

Chair upholstery

Chair upholstery

  • Upholsterers can reupholster or repair dining chairs, armchairs, club chairs, accent chairs, and more.

Ottoman upholstery

Ottoman upholstery

  • Upholsterers can reupholster or repair ottomans and footstools.

Bench upholstery

Bench upholstery

  • Upholsterers can reupholster or repair benches, including entryway benches, dining benches, and storage benches.

Headboard upholstery

Headboard upholstery

  • Upholsterers can reupholster or repair headboards, including tufted headboards, wingback headboards, and upholstered platform beds.

Cushion upholstery

Cushion upholstery

  • Upholsterers can replace or repair cushions on furniture, including seat cushions, back cushions, and throw pillows.

Recliner upholstery

Recliner upholstery

  • Upholsterers can reupholster or repair recliners, including lift chairs and power recliners.

Upholsterers provide services for a wide range of industries

If you’re in need of upholstery services for any industry, contact us for help

Residential furniture

Residential furniture

  • Upholsterer can reupholster and repair sofas, chairs, ottomans, headboards, and other types of furniture found in homes.

Commercial furniture

Commercial furniture

  • Upholsterer can work with businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and bars to reupholster and repair their seating and decor.

Automotive industry

Automotive industry

  • Upholsterer can repair or replace the upholstery in cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles.

Marine industry

Marine industry

  • Upholsterer can work with the marine industry to repair or replace upholstery on boats, yachts, and other watercraft.

Aviation industry

Aviation industry

  • Upholsterer can work with the aviation industry to repair or replace upholstery on airplanes and other aircraft.

Healthcare industry

Healthcare industry

  • Upholsterer can work with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to repair or replace the upholstery on medical examination tables and chairs.

Hospitality industry

Hospitality industry

  • Upholsterer can work with hotels, resorts, and spas to reupholster and repair their seating and décor.

Education industry

Education industry

  • Upholsterer can work with schools, universities, and other educational institutions to repair or replace upholstery on seating in classrooms and auditoriums.

Upholstery prices

Upholstery prices

The pricing is based on a number of factors including

  • The type of furniture
  • The fabric chosen
  • Level of customization required

Upholstery near me prices

Upholstery near me prices

Below are examples for re upholstery costs

  • Sofa or couch from R1500 to R10 000
  • Dining chair from R350 to R1500
  • Vintage chair from R1500 to R10 000
  • Ottoman from R350 to R2500
  • Repairing a torn or damaged cushion from R150 to R550

What Areas are Upholstery Services offered in?

You should be able to find a skilled upholsterer who can help with your furniture repair or re upholstery anywhere in the country.

  • Alberton
  • Athlone
  • Belfast
  • Benoni
  • Bloemfontein
  • Boksburg
  • Brackenfell
  • Brakpan
  • Brooklyn
  • Cape Town
  • Centurion
  • Chatsworth
  • Durbanville
  • Edenvale
  • Fourways
  • Gauteng
  • George
  • Germiston
  • Heidelberg
  • Hillcrest
  • Johannesburg
  • Kempton Park
  • Kimberley
  • Klerksdorp
  • Krugersdorp
  • Lenasia
  • Margate
  • Midrand
  • Mitchells Plain
  • Mossel Bay
  • Nelspruit
  • Newcastle
  • Northriding
  • Overport
  • Paarl
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Polokwane
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Potchefstroom
  • Pretoria, Pretoria East, Pretoria Moot
  • Pretoria North, Pretoria West
  • Randburg
  • Randfontein
  • Richards Bay
  • Roodepoort
  • Rustenburg
  • Sandton
  • Somerset West
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Stellenbosch
  • Uitenhage
  • Vereeniging

Also find re upholstery near me

  • Brisbane
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Dublin
  • Dundee
  • Eastbourne
  • Geelong
  • Glasgow
  • Halifax
  • Kingston
  • Leicester
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Melbourne
  • Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
  • Northampton
  • Nyc
  • Ottawa
  • Queens
  • Sheffield
  • Southampton
  • Sydney
  • Victoria
  • Wellington
  • York

What to look for in an upholsterer?

When looking for an upholsterer, there are several things to consider.

Find someone with experience and expertise

  • Upholstery is a skilled trade that requires knowledge of fabrics, patterns, and sewing techniques.
  • An experienced upholsterer should be able to handle different types of upholstery work, including repairing torn fabric, replacing foam padding, and sewing new cushion covers.

Ensure that the upholsterer produces high-quality work

  • Evaluated the quality by examining the stitching, fabric seams, and overall finish of the project.
  • If you’re unsure about an upholsterer’s work quality, ask to see examples of their previous projects.

Good customer service is crucial in the upholstery business

  • You want an upholsterer who communicates well, listens to your needs, and provides you with a clear understanding of the work that will be done.
  • An upholsterer who values customer service is likely to be reliable, prompt, and professional.

Benefits of searching for “Upholsterer near me”

Upholsterer near me

It’s convenient

  • Instead of spending hours searching for upholsterers online or in the phone book, you can quickly find local upholsterers in your area by contacting us.

Great way to support local businesses

  • By choosing a local upholsterer, you’re helping to support your local economy and business community.

How to find upholsterers near me?

Use online search engines like Google or Bing

  • Simply type in “upholsterers near me” and you’ll be presented with a list of local upholsterers.

Use local business directories

  • These directories allow you to search for upholsterers by location and provide customer reviews and ratings.

Ask friends and family for recommendations.

  • Personal recommendations can be valuable because you can trust the opinions of those you know and trust.

Contact us

  • Easiest way is just to contact us
  • We shall connect you with a local upholsterer in your area

Why hire our Upholsterers near me?

  1. Quality craftsmanship
  2. Customization
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Quick turnaround time
  5. Affordable prices
  6. Excellent customer service

Conclusion – “is reupholstering worth it?”

is reupholstering worth it

In conclusion, finding a good upholsterer is essential if you want to ensure that your furniture or other items are repaired or reupholstered correctly.

  • When looking for an upholsterer, be sure to consider experience, quality of work, and customer service.
  • Searching for “upholsterers near me” offers convenience and supports local businesses.
  • With these tips, you’ll be able to find a quality upholsterer who can transform your old furniture or other items into something beautiful and new.

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Is there upholstery work near me?

Sure there is! Reach out to us.

Do you offer re upholstery services?

YES! Contact us now for local re upholstery services.

Can you help me find car upholstery near me?

Sure we can! Send us a message and we shall help you.

Do you offer dining chair upholstery?

100% Dining chair upholstery is on offer.

Can you help with upholstery cleaning near me?

Yes, contact us now and we shall help find you an upholstery cleaning company in your area.

Any specials on upholstery for furniture?

There are always specials! Reach out to us.

Do they do car seat upholstery?

The upholstery companies do offer this. Let us connect you with a local company.

How to find couch upholstery near me?

Simply contact us, and we shall find you a local couch upholstery near you.

Do you offer upholstery for dental chairs?

Speak to us regarding all your dental chair re-upholstery needs.

What is the upholsterers definition?

An upholsterer is a craftsman with an eye for beauty and attention to detail.

They specialize in modifying and/or reupholstering furniture.

  • Replacing fabrics
  • Stuffing cushions
  • Creating new padding
  • Making patterns
  • Doing intricate stitching techniques

Even completely transforming old furniture into something completely. new!

Why is upholstery so expensive?

Because it is a labour-intensive, skilled art requiring premium materials and close attention to detail, upholstery may be pricey.

  • Nevertheless, spending money on expert upholstery can also increase the lifespan of your furniture.
  • It will provide you with a stunning, personalized piece that will last for many years.

How upholster a bench?

Remove the old fabric

  • Start by removing any outdated cushioning, cloth, or other items from the bench.
  • To gently remove any staples or tacks keeping the old cloth in place, use a pair of pliers or a staple remover.

Add padding

  • After removing the old fabric, apply fresh padding to the bench.
  • Spray adhesive is used to fix a piece of foam padding to the bench once it has been cut to fit.
  • Ensure the evenness and smoothness of the foam.

Cut the new fabric

  • Cut a piece of fresh fabric big enough to cover the bench plus a few additional inches on each side.
  • Try to centre the fabric over the bench and smooth out any creases or peaks.

Attach the fabric

  • Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the underside of the bench, starting at the bench’s centre.
  • Working your way out to the bench’s edges, pull the fabric taut and secure it with staples.
  • As you continue, make sure the fabric is even and smooth.

Trim the excess fabric

  • Cut away any extra fabric once it has been stapled all the way around the bench.
  • Leave approximately a half-inch of cloth protruding beyond the staples.

Finish the edges

  • Finish the edges by folding the extra fabric over the bench’s edges and attaching it with staples.
  • If necessary, remove any extra fabric and staples.

Add decorative touches

  • To give the bench a personalized design, you can add finishing touches like piping or buttons.

Why reupholster furniture?


  • More affordable than purchasing new pieces of furniture.
  • The cost can vary depending on the size of the piece and the materials you select.

Customize your furniture

  • By reupholstering it, you can pick the fabric and pattern that go best with your decor and style.
  • To create an individual design for your home, you can select from a variety of materials, hues, and patterns.

Preserve sentimental value

  • Reupholstering can help you preserve sentimental value in a piece of furniture


  • More environmentally friendly choice than purchasing new furniture.
  • Old furniture can be reused and repurposed to help reduce trash and your environmental impact.

Who does upholstery recovering near me?

Upholstery companies near you offer this service.

  • Contact us now to connect with them

Who offers upholstery cleaning services?

Contact us for a local upholsterer near you.

How much should it cost to reupholster a chair?

Basic dining room chair: R500 to R2500
Armchair or recliner: R1500 to R5000
Wingback chair: R750 to R5000
Sofa or loveseat: R2500 to R15000

Keep in mind that the above are just rough estimates.

  • The actual cost of reupholstering your chair may be higher or lower depending on your needs.

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy new?

The answer depends on a variety of factors

  • Cost of reupholstering
  • Quality of existing furniture
  • Style and quality of new furniture

Get quotations from a few different upholsterers and furniture retailers then make your decision.

How much should it cost to reupholster a sofa?

The cost of a Sofa or loveseat to Reupholster is R2500 to R15000

Can I put new upholstery over old?

In most cases, the answer is yes!

  • If the current upholstery is still in good shape and you want to refresh the appearance of your furniture then do it.

Can I reupholster a chair myself?

Yes, you can definitely reupholster a chair yourself!

  • You can create a beautiful new look for your furniture.

What is the easiest way to reupholster a couch?

  1. Remove the old fabric
  2. Replace the foam padding
  3. Cut and attach the new fabric
  4. Add decorative details

What kind of fabric is best for reupholster a chair?

Please consider fabrics like polyester, microfiber, or even leather.

  • These materials are sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Plus, they come in a wide range of colours and textures
  • How many hours does it take to reupholster a couch?

Is it hard to upholster?

Although it can be difficult, upholstery is not impossible!

  • Everyone can learn how to upholster furniture with a little time and effort.