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    Firstly, DStv is the first choice for most people when it comes to entertainment. We want good quality entertainment without any interruption, but at the same time, we want an economical service as well. Secondly, DStv is popular as they have different packages at different prices. Let’s find out about the Prices of DStv Explora decoder installation.

    HD DStv installation

    Indeed, DStv Installer Johannesburg offers HD DStv installation. The package has a satellite dish, LNB, remote control, and Ariel cable. The decoder with this package is Model 6S. The DStv will be installed at one point anywhere in your house. You will not pay anything extra for the cable.

    Another option for HD is the Open view HD installation. You will get a satellite dish, an Open View decoder, LNB, and remote control in this package. Finally, contact us for a package price, but if you have a dish and cable already installed, the price will be reduced.

    Prices DStv Explora Decoder Installation

    Free TV channels installation Special

    This package will install DStv at one point in your house. The package is available for order, and if you have a dish and cable already installed, you will get a discount. The package includes a decoder, remote control, satellite dish with LNB, and indoor aerial.

    Explora PVR installation

    Indeed, Explora is a better decoder, and this package is available. Besides an Explora decoder, Explora PVR installation includes a dish, smart LNB, and remote control. Lastly, the decoder will be installed at one point, anywhere in your house.

    Furthermore, you have the option of DStv Explora Ultra installation as well. This package is finally available. 4k has arrived! With Explora Ultra decoder, you will get a remote control, dish, and smart LNB.

    XtraView HD add–on to an existing Explora or DStv Hd Decoder

    This package is available, WhatsApp us now for the special. The HD Xtraview decoder which you get with this package will be installed to an extra point. You will also get a heartbeat cable and remote control with this package.

    If you want XtraView Explora to add onto an existing Explora or DStv HD decoder, the Extraview decoder will be installed to an extra point, and you will get remote control as well. The price of the package is now discounted. Please WhatsApp us for further info.

     Various packages for LNB

    Simple LNB for DStv or OpenView is available. If you want a twin LNB, you have to pay slightly more. This good quality LNB is durable. Other than the LNB, you can also get an 80cm satellite TV Dish. The wall bracket price will be discounted too should you make a bundle purchase.

    A great variety of DStv HD Decoder is available

    If you have a dish already installed, you can buy a DStv HD Decoder. The price of the Explora 3A PVR decoder is now on special. If you need a Free TV channel decoder, it’s available too. WhatsApp us to find out more info on Prices of DStv Explora. This decoder is a combination of Free satellite TV. You can watch more than 150 satellite channels and 12 aerial channels. Other than that, 250 radio channels are also available for free. Order your Open View HD Decoder now. This decoder also has a free viewing feature.

    Prices DStv Explora Decoder Installation

    Explora/ OpenView/DStv decoder & Dish Reinstallation

    If you already have a decoder and need to reinstall them, you will only be paying labour charges and we will do the re-installation for you. Explora/ OpenView/DStv decoder & Dish Relocation charges are based on your location and how urgent you need the job done. People who change their homes can take advantage of this service. You have the option of an LNB upgrade as well. Explora Smart LNB dish Upgrade is available. Take advantage of the upgrade! Explora decoder will be installed at your home or office, and the smart LNB will be installed by replacing the regular LNB.

    TV wall mounting service

    Lastly, if you need to mount your TV on the wall, grab our special now. We are a WhatsApp away from the TV installation of your dreams. These are just the service charges, and the price of brackets and cable is not included. However, if you need brackets, we have a great variety of them. TV wall mount brackets are available and in stock. We offer them for all sizes. Not only TV brackets, but we have a variety of decoder bracket as well. Get them now. Soundbar/Home theatre installations are also offered. Our team is experienced and we know what we are doing.

    Repairing and Extra services – Prices of DStv Explora

    In addition, we have technical experts for all DSTV repairs. These can include dish re-alignment, clear error codes or repair cabling. Callout to your home or office for DStv repairs is just a WhatsApp away. We respond to our clients in no time. Obviously, if you need to mount your TV, LCD, flatscreen, or plasma screen on the wall, get our TV bracket installation. Your TV installation will be a breeze.

    One point installation is part of our package, but if you need Extra TV points in any room, we can help. 2-way splitters, cable, and connectors are also included in this price. If you want to enjoy DStv services like Showmax, you need to connect LAN Cable to Explora/TV.

     Get useful devices at the very BEST prices!

    TV link is a little device, but it brings convenience to your life. It enables you to change DStv channels in other rooms. To avoid the damage caused by load shedding, you can buy a lightning surge protection plug or we can help you install a UPS system. Remote controls for all the models of decoders and TV are available. We stock the decoder power supply too. It can be used with DStv and open View, both types of decoders.

    The current special is on the RF and heartbeat amplifier combiner & HDMI 4- way splitter. You can convert your old TV into a modern TV by using Ematic 4K Ultra HD SmartBox. If you want to get excellent Wi-Fi signals throughout your house, you will need a Wi-Fi Extender. Not only do we supply Wi-Fi Extenders but we also offer the installation too. A smart remote blaster is available to order. These are small yet very useful devices, which make your life easy.

    Indeed, if there is something we have missed or you have a question, just contact us for the best Prices of DStv Explora.

    Lastly, WhatsApp us & Get connected today!