What is Amazon Prime Video? – Amazon Video Prime

Amazon Prime Video is available in South Africa!

With an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can watch thousands of popular movies and TV shows.

Amazon Prime Video

This includes award-winning Amazon Originals like The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, The Grand Tour, and Sneaky Pete.

You can also rent or buy popular movies and TV shows that aren’t available on Prime Video.

Best of all, no commercial adverts and for only R79 per month.

There’s always something new to discover and new TV shows and movies are added every week!

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch Prime Video content at no additional cost.

Not a Prime member?

Start your free trial of Amazon Prime today!

Why Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video?

  1. If you love to watch movies and TV shows, then subscribing is a no-brainer.
  2. Not only do you get access to a huge library of both new and old content, but you also get to enjoy many perks that come with being an Amazon Prime member.

5 Benefits to Amazon Prime Video Subscription

  1. Access to a vast selection of movies and TV shows, including many exclusives
  2. The ability to watch shows and movies offline
  3. No ads interrupting your viewing experience
  4. Access to Prime Video channels, which offer even more content to choose from
  5. A low monthly price that is often cheaper than other streaming services

Amazon Video Prime Price & Packages South Africa 2022

Amazon Video Prime Price & Packages South Africa 2022

There are two Package options in South Africa.

  • Monthly subscription @ R79 per month
  • Annual subscription

Another Added Benefit is you can add other Video Channel Subscriptions like:

  • Starz
  • AMC
  • Paramount Plus
  • A&E
  • Showtime

What are the Amazon Prime Video Payment Options?

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • gift cards
  • China UnionPay
  • Amazon Store Card
  • NYCE
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • STAR

Amazon Video Prime TV Shows

Amazon Video Prime TV Shows

  • Judy Justice
  • Good Omens – Season 1
  • The Wilds
  • Alpha House Season 1
  • Catastrophe – Season 1
  • The New Yorker Presents – Season 1
  • Betas Season 1
  • And more

Amazon Prime Video TV Shows 2022

  • The Outlaws – Season 2
  • Chi, The Season 5
  • Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis Season 1
  • P-Valley Season 2
  • Judy Justice
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty – Season 1
  • The Outlaws – Season 1
  • Inventions that Shook the World
  • Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2
  • Sprung Season 1
  • Bosch: Legacy – Season 1
  • The Terminal List – Season 1
  • Making the Cut – Season 3
  • The Boys – Season 3
  • Paper Girls – Season 1
  • A League of Their Own – Season 1
  • And more

Amazon Video Prime Movies

  • Thirteen Lives
  • Untrapped
  • All the old knives
  • Coming 2 America
  • Hotel Transylvania Transformia
  • Without Remorse
  • The Tender Bar
  • The Tomorrow War
  • Samaritan
  • Cinderalla
  • And more

Amazon Prime Video Series

Amazon Prime Video Series

  • Clarkson’s Farm
  • Mozart in the Jungle
  • Sneaky Pete
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • The Expanse
  • Undone
  • The Legend of Vox Machina
  • Good Omens
  • Red Oaks
  • The Wheel of Time
  • Invincible
  • Fleabag
  • Robot
  • The Night Manager
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • Vikings
  • Truth Seekers
  • Paper Girls
  • The Boys
  • Night Sky
  • Lore
  • Travel Man
  • Forever
  • The Tick
  • The Underground Railroad

Amazon Prime Video Best Series

  • Modern Love
  • Sneaky Pete
  • Undone
  • Vanity Fair
  • As We See It
  • Good Omens
  • Outer Range
  • The Wheel of Time
  • Alex Rider
  • Bosch
  • Reacher
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • One Mississippi
  • The Legend of Vox Machina
  • The Expanse
  • Mozart in the Jungle
  • The Boys
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Tales from the Loop
  • Fleabag
  • Catastrophe
  • Red Oaks
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Homecoming
  • The Wilds
  • Patriot
  • Night Sky
  • And more

Amazon Prime Video New Series

  • Paper Girls
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
  • The Terminal List
  • A League of Their Own
  • September Mornings season 2
  • The Boys
  • And more

Support Devices with Amazon Prime Video

Support Devices with Amazon Prime Video

  • System Requirements for Computers
  • Set Top Boxes and Media Players
  • Mobile Devices
  • Games Consoles
  • Amazon Devices
  • Smart TVs

Smart TVs with the Amazon Prime Video App

  • JVC
  • TCL
  • Skyworth
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Hisense
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • LG
  • Changhong
  • Insignia
  • Haier
  • Konka

Amazon Devices with the Amazon Prime Video App

Amazon Prime Video App

  • Echo Devices with a Screen
  • Fire Tablet & Phone
  • Fire TV/Fire TV Stick

Mobile Devices with the Amazon Prime Video App

  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android Devices
  • Amazon Prime Video for Windows (Windows 10/11)

Games Consoles with the Amazon Prime Video App

  • Sony PlayStation 5
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Sony PlayStation 4/Pro
  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Microsoft Xbox One

Set Top Boxes and Media Players with the Amazon Prime Video App

  • Prime Video VR for Oculus
  • Apple TV
  • Xiaomi
  • Tivo
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Dish Network
  • Comcast X1
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Cox Contour

Amazon Prime Video System Requirements for Computers

  • Windows 10/11
  • Web Browsers
  • Running macOS 11.4 Big Sur or Higher

Travelling with Prime Video

  • Reduced numbers of Video titles are available
  • Recommended to download your Videos before travel
  • Channels Only stream in your country

Rent and Buy from Prime Video

Purchase or Rent additional content

  • Rented titles are available for 30 days
  • Only have 48 Hours to watch your rented title after you press play

What Is a Season Pass?

  • It is the option to purchase an entire season of content

Amazon Prime Video Quality

There are 3 Video Qualities to Stream. Make your choice based on Data use.

  1. Good @ 0.38GB per hour
  2. Better @ 1.40GB per hour
  3. Best @ 6.84GB per hour

Error Codes – Amazon Prime Video

Issues with Prime Video Error 2063

  • Ensure your payment details are 100% – 1 Click

Issues with Prime Video Error 5004

  • The email address & Password is incorrect

Issues with Prime Video Error 7235

  • Make sure your Chrome browser is the latest version

Issues with Prime Video Error 7279

This error is due to content protection standards

  • Update web browser to the latest version
  • Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
  • Reboot your computer & re-try
  • Try other display cables
  • Secondary displays not in use – disconnect them

Prime Video Profiles

  • 6 User Profiles
  • Personalised Content
  • Watch list
  • Season progress

Managing Your Profiles

They can be managed on the following:

  • Fire Tablets
  • Android devices
  • Connected Devices
  • Fire TV
  • Website
  • iOS

Amazon Video Prime Trial for 7-days FREE

Amazon Video Prime Trial for 7-days FREE

Amazon has you covered with their free 7-day trial.

With this trial, you’ll have access to all of the same great content that you would with a paid subscription.

This includes hit shows like The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, and Transparent.

Plus, you can cancel anytime so you’re never locked in.

So why wait?

Start your free trial today and see for yourself how Amazon Prime can keep you entertained for less.

What is the Amazon Video Prime App?

The Amazon Video Prime App is available on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

The app allows users to watch their favourite shows and movies without having to worry about buffering or other issues.

The app also offers a variety of features, such as the ability to add shows to your watch list, create a custom viewing experience, and more.

Amazon Prime Video App Download

To get started, simply download the app from your device’s app store and sign in with your Amazon account.

Google Play Store

  • Click Here to Download

Apple Play Store

  • Click Here to Download

5 Features of the Amazon Prime Video App

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Streaming Movies and Shows
  3. Download Videos for Offline Viewing
  4. Watch in HD or SD
  5. Variety of device compatibility

Amazon Prime Video APK

Download the most UPDATED APK now

  • Click HERE to Download

Amazon Video Prime Login– How to Log in

Amazon Video Prime Login

Here’s how to log into your Video Prime Account:

  1. Go to the Amazon Video website.
  2. Click on the “Sign In” button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your Amazon email address and password.
  4. Click on the “Sign In Using Our Secure Server” button.
  5. You should now be logged in and can start watching videos!

If you’re having trouble logging in, make sure that you’re using the correct email address and password for your Amazon account.

You can also try resetting your password if you’ve forgotten it.

Amazon Video Prime Sign in

To sign in to Amazon Video:

  1. Go to www.amazon.com/video
  2. Enter your Amazon account email address and password
  3. Click Sign In

How do I activate Amazon Video Prime on my Smart TV? – Amazon.com mytv

To activate it on your Smart TV, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon Video app on your Smart TV.
  2. Select the “Settings” option from the main menu.
  3. Choose the “Accounts” option.
  4. Select the “Link your Amazon account” option.
  5. Enter your Amazon account credentials and select the “Submit” button.
  6. Your Amazon account will now be linked to your Smart TV and you can browse and watch Prime Video content. Enjoy!

Amazon.com mytv

One option is to connect your Amazon account to your TV using Amazon’s MyTV service.

  • MyTV allows you to watch Prime Video content on your TV by entering a code that you can get from the Prime Video website.
  • Once you’ve registered your TV with MyTV, you’ll be able to watch any Prime Video content that you’ve purchased or rented.

Is Amazon Prime Video Worth It?

If you’re looking for access to a large library of TV shows and movies, then YES, Amazon Prime Video is worth it!

The service offers access to thousands of titles.

This includes popular series  and movies like:

  • Transparent
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • Pitch Perfect 2
  • The Martian

Amazon Prime Video Contact Details

You can reach customer service by email, phone, or live chat.

  • Email: primesupport@amazon.com
  • Twitter @AmazonHelp
  • Live Chat – Click the “Chat” button on the Amazon Video website

People also ASK – Amazon Prime Video

How much is Amazon Prime Video?

In South Africa, it costs R79 per month.

Is Amazon Video available in South Africa

How does Amazon Video work?

To use Prime Video, first, you need to create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one.

Then just visit primevideo.com and sign in using your Amazon credentials.

From there, you can browse the selection of movies and TV shows and start watching right away.

You can also download shows for offline viewing so you can watch them even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Is Amazon Prime free?

No, it is a paid-for streaming service.

What is on Amazon Prime?

Offers movies, TV shows, and original programming that can be streamed at no additional cost.

Prime members have access to a library of movies and TV shows that can be streamed on-demand,

Also, there is a selection of Prime Originals that can only be watched through the Prime Video App.

How much is Amazon Video in South Africa?

The cost is R79 per month.

Amazon Video vs Netflix

Netflix and Amazon are both great streaming services, but they each have their unique advantages.

  • Netflix offers a larger selection of movies and TV shows
  • Amazon has a better selection of new releases and original programming.

Is Amazon Video available in South Africa?

Yes, it is!

Can Amazon Video be downloaded?

Yes, you can download Prime videos to watch offline on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Can Amazon Video be shared?

Yes, you can share your Video account with others.

You can either create a Household or share your account credentials with up to three people.

Households allow you to share your content with up to six people in your household.

Can Amazon Video be watched on multiple devices?

Up to three devices can be connected to your account at any time, and you can watch up to two videos simultaneously.

Does Amazon Video have a free trial?

Yes, it offers a 7-day FREE trial.

Help with Amazon Video

Help can be found by visiting the Amazon website and clicking on the “Help” link at the bottom of the page.

Once you are on the Help page, you can scroll through the various topics to find what you are looking for, or you can search for a specific term using the search bar.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, there is also an option to contact customer service directly.

How much does Amazon Video cost?

Very affordable @ R79pm

Is Amazon Video on Xbox?

Yes, it is available on Xbox. You can find it by launching the Xbox Store and then scrolling down to the “Apps” category.

You can also search for it using the text bar at the top of the Store page.

Once you’ve found Amazon Prime Video, simply click Install to add it to your console’s app library.

After installation is complete, you can launch Amazon Video from My Games & Apps or the Home screen.

What are Amazon Video channels?

These Channels are streaming channels that you can add to your account.

They include networks like HBO, Showtime, and Starz, as well as digital-only subscriptions to services like AMC Premiere and Curiosity Stream.

Why is Amazon Video buffering?

  • The Internet connection isn’t fast enough to support video streaming.
  • Maybe there is too much traffic on the network and it’s causing congestion,
  • Try changing the video quality setting to see if that helps improve the streaming experience.

What countries is amazon prime available in?

It is available in 24 countries.

  • Netherlands
  • Korea
  • India
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • España
  • UK
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Luxembourg
  • Ireland
  • South Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Singapore
  • Brazi
  • China
  • US Or USA
  • Austria
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Portuga
  • France
  • Italy
  • Australia

Amazon Video for windows

Unfortunately, there is no Windows 10 app for Amazon Prime Video.

However, you can still watch your favourite shows and movies on your PC by visiting the Amazon Video website.

Although the website doesn’t have all the features of the app (such as hands-free viewing), it’s still a great way to watch your favourite content.

Amazon Video gift card

Yes, you can buy an Amazon Video gift card! This is a great way to give the gift of Prime Video to someone who may not have it already.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Amazon Prime Video homepage.
  2. Scroll down to the ” shop by department” section and hover over “digital content & devices.”
  3. A menu will pop up; select “membership cards & gifts.”
  4. On the next page, select “gift membership cards.”
  5. Here, you’ll be able to choose between an eGift card and a physical gift card.

Is Amazon Video online?

Yes, it is available online.

  • To watch on your computer, go to primevideo.com and sign in with your Amazon account information
  • To watch on your phone or tablet, download the Prime Video app from the App Store or Google Play.

Amazon Video password

There are a few different ways to reset your password.

  • You can go to the Prime Video website and click on “Forgot your password?”
  • You can also call Amazon customer service and they will help you reset it.

Amazon Video quality is not good

One possibility is that your internet connection isn’t fast enough.

Amazon Video website

The website offers a great selection of movies and TV shows to watch at no additional cost for Prime members.

  • You can watch anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device.
  • Plus, with Amazon Channels, you can add premium channels like HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ to your Prime membership.

Amazon Video Xbox one issues

You may experience issues such as the video not loading, freezing, or playback errors.

There are a few things you can do to try to resolve these issues

  1. Have the latest updates installed for both your Xbox One and Amazon apps.
  2. Using a wired connection, try using a wireless connection instead.
  3. If you are using a wireless connection, make sure that both your Xbox One and the router are placed near each other.
  4. If the issue persists, try deleting and reinstalling the Amazon Prime Video app

Amazon Video how many devices

Amazon Video how many devices

3 Devices to one Account

Amazon Video or Hulu

  • Prime Video has a larger selection of TV shows and movies
  • Hulu offers a limited free version with commercials and a more expensive ad-free version.

Amazon Video or Netflix

  • Netflix is great for those who want to watch multiple seasons of their favourite show in a row. They also have a large selection of documentaries and stand-up comedy specials.
  • Prime Video, on the other hand, has a larger selection of movies.

So it depends on what you are looking for.

Amazon Video vs Apple TV

  • Price: Amazon is significantly cheaper than Apple TV.
  • Device Compatibility: Amazon is available on a wider range of devices than Apple TV.
  • Content Selection: Apple TV has a larger selection of content than Amazon.
  • User Interface: The user interface for Amazon is more user-friendly than Apple TV.

Amazon Video vs Disney Plus

Disney Plus and Amazon are both excellent streaming services, but they offer different experiences.

  • Disney Plus is great for families with children because it has a wide variety of family-friendly content
  • Amazon is better for adults because it offers more mature content.

Streaming TV Services Comparison

Paramount Plus


Apple TV


You Tube TV

Sling TV




DStv Now



Disney Plus