What is You Tube TV? – Sign up Now!

You Tube TV

You Tube TV is an over-the-top streaming service without hidden fees.

  • Over 85+ channels for news, sports and entertainment.
  • Unlimited DVR Cloud Storage
  • 3 Simultaneous Streams
  • 6 Family Members can share 1 Subscription
  • No Contract

Subscribers can watch LIVE channels

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • TNT
  • Food Network
  • And lots more

The Streaming Service offers

  • Cloud DVR with unlimited space for recordings
  • 6 Accounts per household

Additional Features

  • Access to a number of cable channels, including ESPN and CNN as well as a
  • Includes a suite of Google streaming apps like YouTube Red Originals, YouTube Kids, Google Play Movies & TV and more.

Watch on Any Screen with the YouTube TV App

  • Android or iOS devices
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • And more

Watch on the Web with your Browser

Popular You Tube TV Shows

  • Rick and Morty
  • Euphoria
  • The Simpsons
  • Yellowstone
  • When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions
  • And more

Some Movies on You Tube TV

  • Accept The Call
  • 90 Day Fiancé
  • 68 Whiskey
  • A Lie to Die For
  • 22 Jump Street
  • And more

How YouTube TV Works?

YouTube TV is a subscription-based, live TV streaming service.

  • Available in select markets across the U.S.
  • Alternatively use a VPN for worldwide access.

To use YouTube TV

  1. Sign up for a subscription @ $64.99 per month.
  2. Once you’re signed up, you can watch YouTube TV on your computer, phone, or TV using the YouTube TV app.

In order to watch live TV on YouTube TV, you’ll need to be in one of the select markets where the service is available.

Alternatively, sign in with a VPN and enjoy the service!

Why YouTube TV?

  1. Get all the Live channels you want
  2. On-demand shows and movies
  3. Check out trending content from YouTube creators
  4. Watch up to 3 individual streams at once on one account
  5. All your recordings will be saved for 9 months
  6. No contracts or hidden fees

What YouTube TV offers?

  1. Excellent selection of channels
  2. Cloud DVR with no storage limits
  3. Reliable streaming
  4. Access to live TV from over 85+ networks
  5. Watch shows and movies on demand
  6. Add premium channels like Showtime and Starz for an additional fee

Available networks for You Tube TV

  • Bravo
  • TBS
  • E!
  • Nickelodeon
  • PBS
  • Fox News
  • NBA TV
  • TYT
  • VH1
  • Cozi TV
  • OWN
  • CNBC
  • QVC
  • FS2
  • Pop
  • BBC World News
  • NatGeo Wild
  • CNN
  • YouTube Originals
  • Universal Kids
  • FXM
  • USA Network
  • Telemundo
  • Olympics Channel
  • TruTV
  • National Geographic
  • MTV
  • NBC
  • ABC
  • Court TV
  • NickToons
  • SundanceTV
  • ACC Network
  • Food Network
  • AMC
  • TNT
  • WE TV
  • NECN
  • Cheddar
  • Nick Jr.
  • SNY
  • Disney XD
  • NFL Network
  • TLC
  • Cartoon
  • The CW
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • Newsy
  • Fox Business
  • MLB Game of the Week
  • Dabl
  • BET Her
  • Animal Planet
  • HGTV
  • Big Ten Network
  • WGN America
  • TCM
  • FS1
  • Oxygen
  • Fox
  • Freeform
  • Comedy Central
  • MyNetwork TV
  • SEC Network
  • Teen Nick
  • Motortrend
  • IFC
  • CNBC World
  • Paramount Network
  • HLN
  • CMT
  • CBS
  • TV Land
  • SyFy
  • FX
  • Disney
  • BBC
  • ESPN2
  • Comet TV
  • BET
  • PBS Kids
  • NBC Sports
  • ESPNews
  • ABC News
  • LAFC
  • Discovery
  • StartTV
  • NBC LX
  • ESPN
  • Investigation Discovery
  • FXX
  • Travel Channel
  • Adult Swim
  • NBC Universo
  • MTV2
  • MLB Network
  • MTV Classic
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Disney Junior
  • Tastemade
  • Golf Channel
  • NBC News Now

How much YouTube TV?

Monthly Fee @ $64.99

Does You Tube TV support 4K?

Yes it does support 4K content

  • Internet speed must be at least 25mbps download
  • Need a 4K television or monitor
  • 4K Plus add on Package @ $19.99pm

Can I share it with my Family?

  • Create a family group
  • Share membership with 6 family members

Are there any adverts?

  • No Advert s for Content on demand
  • ONLY Live TV will have adverts

Can I record Live TV?

  • Definitely Yes!
  • FREE DVR with unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Record & Watch anytime
  • Internet connection needed

Why Subscribe to You Tube TV?

  1. Ad-free viewing and exclusive content
  2. Inexpensive cable TV alternative
  3. Watch on Any Device
  4. Record shows and movies
  5. Unlimited Cloud DVR
  6. Live TV in HD
  7. No contract
  8. Cancel at any time

Where is You Tube TV available?

  • USA
  • Anywhere when using a VPN

5 Features of an You Tube TV Subscription

  1. Library of traditional live and on-demand TV channels that can be streamed on any device, including phones, tablets, and computers
  2. Record shows without storage limits
  3. Up to five concurrent streams so everyone in your household can watch their favourite show at the same time
  4. User profiles for each family member with personal DVR recordings and recommendations
  5. Cable replacement that offers great flexibility and value

You Tube TV Subscription Price – Package Plan

How much YouTube TV cost? The cost depends on which plan and what options you take.

You Tube TV Subscription Price

Base Plan You Tube TV Subscription

  • Monthly Cost @ $64.99
  • No Adverts except on Live TV
  • Unlimited DVR Cloud Storage
  • 6 Accounts to Share
  • Free 14-Day Trial

Spanish Plan You Tube TV Subscription

  • Monthly Cost @ $34.99
  • 28+ Spanish Networks
  • Unlimited DVR Cloud Storage
  • 6 Accounts to Share
  • Free 14-Day Trial

Option to Add PREMIUM Channels

  • Add More Spanish Content @ $14.99 per month
  • Urban Movie Channel @ $5 per month
  • HBO @ $15 per month
  • Fox Soccer Plus @ $15 per month
  • Curiosity Stream @ $3 per month
  • Starz @ $9 per month
  • AMC Premiere@ $5 per month
  • Cinemax@ $10 per month
  • Showtime@ $11 per month
  • Acorn TV@ $6 per month
  • NBA League Pass @ $30 per month
  • Sundance Now @ $7 per month
  • Shudder @ $5 per month
  • Epix @ $6 per month
  • HBO Max@ $15 per month

Upgrade your Plan to 4K Video Quality

  • 4k Plus Add-on @ $19.99 per month

YouTube TV Price South Africa

  • Choose your Plan
  • Add your options
  • Add the additional Cost of your VPN
  • Convert to Rands @ the current exchange rate

The approximate cost for a standard Base plan with a good VPN will be R1300

What are the You Tube TV Payment Options?

  • Mastercards
  • Visa
  • Gift Cards
  • Debit Card
  • Google Play
  • Credit Card

How do you get You Tube TV free?

  • Signup to a 14-day free trial

YouTube TV FREE Trial 14-Days

What is YouTube TV free trial?

YouTube TV FREE Trial 14-Days

After signing up for an account, you’ll have access to the free trial for 14 days.

  • Cancel before the end of the trial, you won’t be charged.
  • Keep your subscription after the trial ends, you’ll be charged $64.99 per month.

Download the app & Signup for FREE Trial

How to Watch You Tube TV for FREE

  1. Visit youtube.com/tv
  2. Click on the “Try it FREE” button.
  3. You’ll be directed to a new page
  4. Enter your name, email address & Password
  5. Verify your email Address
  6. Add your payment details
  7. Well done! – Ready to Explore

Keep in mind that once the free trial expires, you’ll be charged $64.99 per month for YouTube TV unless you cancel.

You Tube TV App

You Tube TV App

  • Great way to get your favourite television shows and movies on demand
  • Record live TV with a DVR
  • Access your content from anywhere in the world

You Tube TV Download  – Get your App here!

Download your App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

5 Features of the You Tube TV App

  1. Watch on any supported device with an internet connection
  2. No cable or satellite TV subscription
  3. Watch live TV channels from major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and more.
  4. Cloud DVR which lets you save unlimited shows for up to nine months
  5. Stream 3 devices at the same time

YouTube TV App

You Tube TV APK

Get your APK here

Sign up YouTube TV Account – Simple Steps

Sign up YouTube TV Account

  1. Visit tv.youtube.com
  2. Click on the “Try it free” button
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your billing information.
  4. You’ll need a credit or debit card to complete the sign-up process.
  5. Once you’ve entered your payment information, you can start watching
  6. There’s no contract, so you can cancel anytime.
  7. Enjoy!

How to Activate your Device – YouTube TV Activate Code

YouTube TV Activate Code

Activate through the YouTube App

  1. Open the YouTube App and sign in
  2. Select Menu > Settings >TV activation

Activate through a web browser

  1. Go to tv.youtube.com
  2. Enter the activation code shown on your tv screen

Connect to your Smart TV by using a TV code

  1. Open the App on your TV
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Link with TV code”
  4. Blue TV code appears
  5. Code is only numbers
  6. Then open the app on your phone or tablet
  7. Press “Cast “
    Press “Link with TV code”
  8. Enter the blue TV code
  9. Press “Link”
  10. The process is complete!

How to Log in & Out – YouTube TV log in

YouTube TV log in

To Log in

  1. Open up a web browser
  2. Go to www.youtube.com/tv
  3. Enter the email address and password
  4. Click “log in”

If you’re already logged in to another Google account on the same computer, you’ll be automatically signed in to YouTube TV as well.

To Log out

  1. Click on the profile picture in the top right corner of the main screen
  2. Select “sign out”.

Supported You Tube TV Devices

Mobile devices

  • Tablets & Smartphones running Android L or higher
  • iPad and iPhone devices running iOS 12 or higher


  • Web browser @ tv.youtube.com
  • Always have the latest version of Firefox or Chrome

Other Devices – Game Consoles, Smart TV & Streaming Boxes

  • Samsung & LG Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Vizio SmartCast TVs
  • Hisense TVs
  • Roku players and TVs
  • Xbox One & PS5
  • Apple TV and Apple TV 4K
  • And more

You Tube TV Quality – Video & Data Consumption

4K & HD streaming quality is available.

  • 4k Quality – 25mbs+ connection
  • HD Quality – 13mbs+ connection

Data Consumption

  • 4K HDR @ 7-8GB per hour
  • HD @ 3GB per hour

You Tube TV Channels – Live

You Tube TV Channels

  • HGTV
  • NBC Sports
  • National Geographic
  • BBC World News
  • TCM
  • BBC
  • ESPN2
  • Court TV
  • Get the Channel List Here

You Tube TV Movies

  • Chopped
  • Mars
  • American Sniper
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Move and Improve
  • Eat, Sleep, BBQ
  • Law Abiding Citizen
  • Long Distance
  • Last Stop Garage
  • Home Again
  • Find Out More

You Tube TV Series

  • Undercover Chef
  • Billions
  • Yellowstone
  • SnowFall
  • Queen of South
  • Friday Night In with The Morgans
  • Rick and Morty
  • Savage Kingdom
  • Killing Eve
  • Charmed
  • Find Out More

You Tube TV Shows

  • Origins
  • Euphoria
  • The Thing About Pam
  • The Simpsons
  • Succession
  • Animal Fight Night
  • Snaditon
  • Best Shot
  • Step Up
  • When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions
  • Find Out More

Buy or Rent Movies to watch

  • Top Gun Maverick
  • Elvis
  • The Lost City
  • Black Phone
  • Minions Rise of Gru
  • Thor Love & Thunder
  • Nope
  • Spiderman No way Home
  • Jurassic World
  • X
  • Find Out More

Is You Tube TV Worth It?

Yes, is worth it!

  • The streaming service offers a great selection of channels, including local stations, for a fairly reasonable price.
  • The app is easy to use and has a great interface.

Overall, YouTube TV is a great option for those looking for a good streaming service.

You Tube TV Issues Help Guide – Quick Fix

You Tube TV Issues Help Guide

  • Check for App or device updates.
  • YouTube TV app to be restarted
  • location permissions need to be checked
  • Restart your Device or browser
  • Update your Browser to the latest version
  • Inspect your internet connection.

People also ASK – YouTubeTV on demand

How to Watch YouTube TV Canada in 2022?

To start watching all you need is an internet connection and a VPN.

  • You’ll be able to watch all of your favourite shows from anywhere in the world!

VPNs allow users to hide their location and appear as if they are accessing content from another country.

This is useful for people who want to access content that isn’t available in their region or for those who want to keep their browsing history private.

The best part about using a VPN?

  • Easy to Setup
  • Paid and Free services are available
  • Get Best VPN

Is YouTube TV available in South Africa?

No. You will need a VPN to access it.

Is there a YouTube TV app for Android?

Yes, there is! Download it from the Google Play Store.

IpTV vs YouTube TV

IPTV is a better option

  • Thousands of channels
  • Better user experience
  • Allows users to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live television channels
  • It is cheaper

How much internet does YouTube TV use?

It depends on the quality of the video you are streaming.

  • 4K HDR @ 7-8GB per hour
  • HD @ 3GB per hour

YouTube TV vs FuboTV

YouTube TV

  • DVR Cloud Storage with unlimited storage space
  • Offers more channels
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Google products
  • Monthly subscription @ $64.99


  • DVR Cloud Storage with 1000 hours
  • Fewer channels
  • Monthly subscription @ $69.99

YouTube TV Cancel – How to cancel

  1. Open the App or visit tv.youtube.com
  2. Click or Press on your profile photo
  3. Then – “Settings Membership”
  4. Press “Manage”
  5. Press “Cancel membership”
  6. Done!

Why is YouTube TV buffering?

  • The Internet connection isn’t strong or fast enough
  • Too many people using the same wi-fi network

Is YouTube TV 4k?

Only if you take the add-on package

  • 4K Plus add on Package @ $19.99pm

What is the difference between YouTube TV & YouTube Premium?

YouTube TV

  • Live TV streaming service
  • Can watch shows and movies on demand

YouTube Premium

  • The ad-free subscription that gives you access to exclusive content
  • Comes with a few other features like background play and access to exclusive content not available on the free version of YouTube

How to Update payment method YouTube TV?

  1. Open the App or visit the website
  2. Click or Press onto your photo.
  3. Press “Settings”
  4. Then “Billing”
  5. Press “Payment method”
  6. Change or add payment

How much does YouTube pay in South Africa?

It pays a share of the advertising revenue generated by videos watched on the site.

  • Estimated between R5 and R8 per 1,000 views

Is YouTube on The TV App?

No, it is not on The TV App.

  • TV App is a video streaming app that allows you to watch your favourite shows and movies.

Streaming TV Services Comparison

Apple TV

Disney Plus


Sling TV

DStv Now


Amazon Video Prime






Paramount Plus