What is Saligna Flooring? – Meaning

Saligna flooring is a type of material that is commonly used in the flooring industry. It is durable and has a high resistance to fire. It is also termite resistant and does not rot easily.

Saligna Flooring

Saligna flooring is available in a variety of colours and can be finished to look like hardwood floors.

What is a Saligna floor made of?

A saligna floor is made from a hardwood tree native to Australia. The wood is dense and durable, making it ideal for floors. It is also resistant to rot and insect damage.

Saligna floors are typically finished with a clear sealer or varnish, which helps to protect the wood and keep it looking its best.

What is Saligna wood used for?

Saligna wood is a hardwood that is popular for use in furniture and flooring. The wood is dense and durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. It is also known for its beautiful grain pattern, which can add a touch of elegance to any space.

Saligna Floors

What thickness should the Saligna floor be?

The floor should be installed at a thickness of between 1.5 and 3mm.

Yes, the saligna floor can be installed using either the traditional method or with a vapour barrier.

The vapour barrier should be installed between the joists and the subflooring.

Saligna Flooring Colours – Choose your Favourite

Saligna flooring is one of the most popular choices for wood floors, thanks to its beautiful grain and wide range of colours.

Here are some of the most popular Saligna flooring colours to help you choose the perfect look for your home:

  • Light Brown: A classic choice that works well with a variety of design styles, light brown Saligna floors add a warm and inviting feel to any room.
  • Dark Brown: Rich and elegant, dark brown Saligna floors are perfect for creating a formal or luxurious look.
  • Red: Red Saligna floors are perfect for adding a touch of drama to any space. They work well in both traditional and contemporary settings.
  • Grey: Grey Saligna floors are a trendy choice that can give any room a modern and sophisticated look.
  • Natural: Natural Saligna floors are the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your home. They have a beautiful grain that adds character and interest to any space.
  • Walnut: Walnut Saligna floors are a beautiful and unique choice that can add a touch of luxury to any home.

Saligna Flooring Texture

Saligna wood is a beautiful, natural flooring option with a unique grain pattern.

Its reddish-brown colouration and smooth texture make it a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Saligna Floor Installation

Step 1 – Bit harder to install than some other types of floors

  • The first step is to measure the area where you want to install the floor.
  • Once you have the measurements, you will need to purchase the correct amount of flooring.

Step 2 – Can be installed over any type of subfloor

  • Important to make sure that the surface is clean and level before you begin.
  • If there are any irregularities in the surface, they should be repaired before you start the installation.

Step 3 – Use a flooring adhesive

  • Apply the adhesive to the subfloor using a notched trowel, and then lay the flooring boards down into the adhesive.
  • Make sure that the boards are tight against each other, and use a hammer and nails to secure them in place.

Step 4 – Once the floor is installed

  • Finish it off by trimming the boards and installing baseboard moulding.

Different Types of Saligna Flooring

There are 2 main types of Saligna flooring: engineered and solid.

  1. Engineered Saligna flooring is made up of multiple layers of wood, with a top layer of Saligna veneer.
  2. Solid Saligna flooring is made from a single piece of Saligna wood.

Similarities between Engineered Saligna & Solid Saligna

  • Both durable, hard-wearing and easy to maintain
  • Both are suitable for a variety of different rooms in the home including living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens

Differences between the 2 types of Saligna flooring

Engineered Saligna flooring

  • More stable than solid Saligna flooring, making it ideal for rooms that are likely to experience changes in temperature or humidity
  • Easier to install than solid Saligna flooring, making it a good choice for DIYers

Solid Saligna flooring

  • More resistant to scratches and dents
  • Good choice for high-traffic areas
  • Less likely to show wear and tear

Saligna Flooring Pros and Cons

Saligna flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that is becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses.

However, like all flooring choices, there are both pros and cons to consider before making a decision.

PROS – Advantages of Saligna Floors

  • Extremely durable wood, making it ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Very beautiful, with a rich grain that can add elegance to any space
  • An easy type of flooring to care for and maintain

CONS – Disadvantages of Saligna Floors

  • More expensive hardwood flooring options on the market
  • Difficult to install, so it is important to hire a professional if you are not experienced in doing so

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Saligna flooring services on offer

  • Floorboards
  • Wooden floors
  • Parquet floors
  • Timber floors
  • Floor sanding
  • Hardwood flooring installation
  • Laminate flooring installation
  • Vinyl flooring installation

Saligna Flooring Price

The cost of saligna flooring can vary depending on the type of wood and the finish.

The most popular type of saligna is the red saligna, which is a beautiful reddish-brown colour.

Saligna Flooring Price

Red saligna is the most expensive type of saligna, but it’s also the most durable.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, the white saligna is a good choice. It’s not as durable as the red saligna, but it’s still a beautiful option.

The cost of the white saligna is about half of the cost of the red saligna.

Saligna cost in South Africa?

The cost of the installation is another important factor to consider when choosing saligna flooring.

Yes, the installation process is simple and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment.

Saligna cost in South Africa

You can usually install saligna flooring yourself, but it’s a good idea to hire a professional if you’re not sure about the process.

The average cost of installation is about R5000, but it can vary depending on the size of the area you’re installing the flooring.

People also ASK – Saligna Floors

Saligna vs pine

Both Saligna and pine are both types of wood.


  • Is a type of hardwood
  • Hardwoods are generally more expensive
  • Denser and more durable
  • Used in flooring and furniture


  • Is a softwood
  • Inexpensive and easy to work with
  • Often used in construction

Saligna decking

Saligna decking is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their deck.

Saligna decking

Its lightweight and easy installation make it a great choice for do-it-yourselfers, but its durability will stand up to even the most intensive use.

Pine flooring

Pine flooring is an excellent choice for any room in your home.

It’s durable, offers great value, and can be stained or painted to match the style of your space.

When you choose pine flooring, you’ll enjoy many benefits including:

  1. Durability—Pine flooring can last many years if well maintained
  2. Low maintenance—It’s easy to clean and maintain by sweeping or vacuuming regularly
  3. Value—It has a low price point compared to other wood products on the market today

Meranti flooring

Meranti is a tropical hardwood that is resistant to insects, decay, and rot.

This means that it will last longer than many other types of wood.

Meranti flooring

  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Available in a wide range of colours, from light brown tones to dark grey-browns
  • Can also be used outside without having to worry about it being damaged by weather conditions
  • Does not require any sanding or finishing after installation

Timber merchant

A timber merchant is a business that sells and distributes timber and lumber.

Timber merchants may also provide value-added services such as sawing, moulding, and trimming to their customers.

Timber merchants typically sell both hardwoods and softwoods.

  • Hardwoods are usually more expensive than softwoods, due to the rarity of certain types of hardwood trees.
  • Softwoods are more commonly used for construction projects, as they are less expensive and easier to work with.

Some timber merchants also deal in other wood-based products such as plywood and particle board.

What type of wood is saligna?

Saligna is a type of hardwood that grows in Australasia. It is commonly used for making furniture and flooring because of its hardness and durability.

It has a reddish-brown colour and a fine-grain structure.

Is saligna a good wood?

Yes, because of its high density and strength. It is often used in construction, furniture making, and other applications where sturdy and durable wood is required.

Saligna is also relatively easy to work with, which makes it a good choice for many woodworking projects.

Overall, saligna is an excellent wood that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Is saligna good for decking?

Yes,  is a great choice for decking because it is durable and weather resistant. It also has a natural rustic look that will add character to your outdoor space.

Is saligna wood durable?

Yes, it is durable and strong, making it ideal for use in construction projects. It is also resistant to rot and decay, so it can be used outdoors in wet environments.

Is saligna stronger than pine?

Yes, is stronger than pine. It is sought after for its strength and durability. It’s sometimes used for construction, flooring, and furniture.

Where does saligna wood come from?

Saligna wood is a type of eucalyptus that grows in South Africa. It is a hard and dense wood that is used for flooring, cabinetry, and furniture.

Trees are grown on plantations, and the wood is harvested when the trees are about 20 years old.

Where does saligna wood come from

The logs are then milled into lumber and planks. Wood is kiln-dried to remove moisture and stabilize the colour.

The high density of the wood makes it resistant to rot and insects, and it also has a high fire rating.

The wood can be stained or painted to match any colour scheme.

What colour is saligna?

It is golden brown with darker streaks. It has a somewhat wavy grain and is normally used for flooring, furniture, and other decorative items.

What does saligna wood look like?

It has a reddish-brown colour and a smooth texture. It is often used for flooring, furniture, and cabinetry.

Which wood is best for decking?

In general, hardwoods like Ipe or Teak are a good option for climates with high humidity or lots of rainfall, as they are resistant to rot and decay.

For decks that will be used frequently for cooking or dining, it’s important to choose a wood that is resistant to heat and stains, like Redwood or Cedar.

Finally, if you’re on a tight budget, composite materials like Trex can be a good option; while they are not as durable as natural wood, they require little maintenance and can be cheaper in the long run.

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