What is the DStv BoxOffice?

DStv BoxOffice

The DStv BoxOffice is a premium video-on-demand service that offers the latest blockbuster movies in the comfort of your home.

DStv Box Office is available for:

  • DStv Subscribers
  • Non-DStv Subscribers

DStv Subscribers

DStv Subscribers

The following is needed in order to access DStv Boxoffice

  • DStv Package – Like Premium or Compact Plus
  • PVR or DStv Explora Decoder
  • 48 Hours to Watch

Non-DStv Subscribers – Box Office Online

DStv Box Office Online

  • Stream from the Box Office Website
  • Watch from the DStv Desktop Player
  • 48 Hours to Watch
  • Pay 20% more

Huge selection of Box Office DStv movies to choose from

  • New titles are added regularly
  • Movies Broadcasted in SD & HD
  • 15 DStv Box Office movies for all PVR Decoders
  • 30 DStv Box Office movies for the DStv Explora

To rent a movie, choose from a variety of DStv Payment Options.

  • Once the Boxoffice rental period is over, the content will be automatically deleted.

DStv Boxoffice is the perfect way to catch up on the latest movies.

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use

So why wait? Start watching today!

What is needed to Access DStv Boxoffice? – PVR & Explora

Access DStv Boxoffice

  1. DStv Subscription must be active
  2. Active Access Fee for your Explora or PVR
  3. Register your Box Office Account

3 Ways Register for Dstv Box Office

Register for Dstv Box Office

DStv Box Office Registration

  1. Smart card number to be SMSed
  2. Contact customer care @ MultiChoice
  3. Go to a DStv Agency or Branch

Accept all terms & conditions to activate the box office service.

  • Box Office DStv movies become available after 48 hours
  • Register only once for multiple decoders
  • Automatic Smart Card linking

When does my DStv Box Office Account get suspended?

  1. Suspension of the DStv Account
  2. The outstanding balance on the account
  3. Rejected debit order due to insufficient funds

What is the DStv Box Office Payment Options?

DStv Box Office Payment

3 Ways to Make Payment to your Dstv box office account

  1. Debit Order
  2. Credit card
  3. EFT

DStv Box Office Online – Explained

  • Simply sign up for Box Office Online on the website
  • Rental movie price is different for classics vs new releases
  • Massive selection of Movies

Dstv Box Office Online Requirements

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Sign up for a DStv Connect ID
  • Access the website to Stream

Conditions of Streaming DStv Box Office Movies

  1. Only Stream from the Website
  2. 48 Hour time period to watch your movie
  3. Watch it multiple times within the 48 Hours
  4. After 48 hours “Watch” Now becomes “Rent Now”

How to pay for Box Office Online? – Box office Account Payments

  • Debit Order
  • Credit Card

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How does Dstv Box Office Login work?

Dstv Box Office Login

  1. Visit the Box Office Login page
  2. Use Username & Password to Login
  3. Congrats!

How do Rent a Movie on BoxOffice Account? –  DStv Box Office Rentals

  1. Select BoxOffice
  2. Press down on your remote the “Green” button
  3. Select your Movie
  4. Choose the Payment Option
  5. SMS or WhatsApp the Rental Code
  6. The first Movie is Free – Enjoy!

What is a DStv BoxOffice account?

DStv BoxOffice offers a library of movies to rent and watch on your computer, laptop, TV or mobile device. You rent movies for 48 hours.

How much to Rent a Movie on Dstv Box Office?

The price of a movie rental is R27

How to Check the Dstv Box Office balance?

Use DStv Self Help Service to get your balance.

Can You Watch Box Office on Dstv Now?

Yes, you can, enjoy!

How much is BoxOffice on DStv?

The Access Fee is R75 per month.

Can I stream DStv BoxOffice?

Everyone can stream from now.DStv.com

How long does a movie last on BoxOffice?

The answer is 48 Hours

Does DStv Compact Plus have BoxOffice?

Does DStv Compact Plus have BoxOffice

Yes! All DStv Packages can have BoxOffice

What are the DStv Box Office contact details?

Contact DStv by WhatsApp at 060 060 3788

Can I watch DStv BoxOffice on my phone?

Absolutely you can!

Can I use BoxOffice without DStv?

Yes, you can. Movies are slightly more expensive to rent.

What is the difference between BoxOffice and Showmax?

BoxOffice allows the rental of individual movies while Showmax is a streaming platform that streams movies & Series.

How much is Showmax per month?

The Showmax Subscription is R99

Have DStv Box Office problems?

Contact the DStv Helpline @ 011 289 2244

How do I chat with a Multichoice DStv agent?

  • WhatsApp 060 060 3788
  • Email: help@dstv.com
  • DStv Customer Care: +27 11 289 2222
  • Twitter @DStvSelfService
  • Facebook @ DStv
  • Website: selfservice.dstv.com

What is the list of DStv packages?

What is the list of DStv packages

  • Premium Package
  • Family Package
  • Easy View Package
  • Access Package
  • Compact Package
  • Compact Plus Package

DStv Packages of 2022 / 2023 HERE