DStv and Netflix deal

DStv and Netflix deal is waiting for you! Are you an existing subscriber of DStv enjoying HD quality digital entertainment in your living room?

Do you miss the very popular TV shows and series being telecast on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

Realizing the dilemma of subscribers like you, MultiChoice has launched an all-new decoder called DStv Explora Ultra.

With the help of this decoder, customers will enjoy all current offerings from DStv and watch their favourite programs from Netflix. 

DStv and Netflix deal has created a buzz in the market as it adds an international flavour to all the channels and programs dished out by DStv.

Get the DStv and Netflix deal

Remote control with a Dedicated Netflix button

MultiChoice was in talks with rival Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to hammer out a deal to integrate their separate apps with this new decoder.

While negotiations with Amazon Prime have not fructified, it is almost certain that DStv and Netflix deal has been worked out. According to the insiders, the new DStv Explora ultra decoder will come with remote control with a dedicated button for Netflix.

Imagine the excitement when you want to switch to the movies and TV shows available on this streaming platform.

DStv and Netflix deal is a result of the growing popularity of streaming services. This cutting the proverbial cord by the consumers. It is, therefore, a win-win situation for both DStv and subscribers.

All those who purchase Dstv explora ultra 4K decoder will not get a dedicated button for Netflix on their remote controls.

Integration of streaming service Netflix through a third-party app means MultiChoice will stop its subscribers’ exodus towards streaming companies.

Price of the new DStv Explora Ultra decoder

Many people are curious to know about the price of the new decoder.

  • With many new features and functionalities.

Like the ability to watch content in 4K quality, built-in Wi-Fi, and integration of the streaming service Netflix. Prices of the new decoder were expected to be higher than the earlier generation. While DStv has not announced the prices yet.

It is more than double the price of the existing Explora 3 decoder. But the company is confident that the customer will lap up the latest offering because of DStv and Netflix deals.

Make your own Netflix account – DStv and Netflix deal

For now, there is no content from DStv in 4K quality. But the fact that the new Explora Ultra decoder has 4K capability indicates the likelihood of programs in 4K quality coming to this platform.

  • Once the decoder has been installed, the user can sign up for an account on Netflix.

He or she will watch the programs they desire. It is still not clear whether the subscriber has to pay for Netflix separately. Or DStv will send a combined invoice for both services.

If you have purchased the new Dstv Explora ultra 4K decoder but do not know how to install it. There is no need to worry.

Call our expert DStv installer to carry out DStv installation on your premises today.