Experience nonstop entertainment with internet-connected DSTV Explora

Firstly, Explora is the latest decoder from DSTV. You can make it a powerhouse of entertainment by simply connecting the device with the internet. Imagine enjoying complete episodes of your favourite program through Catch Up Plus which is currently available only to subscribers of DStv Premium. It is just the iceberg’s tip as you can enjoy lots and lots of movies and kids’ programs also. This article is for you if you do not know how to connect dstv explora.

How To Get DStv Connected Explora

Complete guide on connecting your DStv Explora with the web

Secondly, things you will need are as follows. This guide is only for you if you want to know how to connect dstv explora.

  • DStv Explora decoder
  • Fast and smooth internet connection
  • A speed of 2MBPS or more if you want to record remotely or download programs
  • A speed of 4MBPS is necessary to view the programs in SD quality

Ethernet for connectivity

Thirdly, ethernet cable can be used to connect DStv to the internet easily by connecting your router with DStv Explora. Whether the two devices are n the same room or not, it is possible to link them using an Ethernet cable to enjoy seamless connectivity. However, before connecting the router with Explora, make sure that it is connected to the web. DStv.com get connected with the web using this technique.

How To Get DStv Connected Explora

Steps to achieve connectivity for your DSTV Explora

  • Press the blue button on the remote with DStv written over it
  • Choose the option of System Settings inside Settings
  • In the drop-down menu, click on connectivity set up
  • Insert Ethernet cable in green port behind DStv Explora decoder
  • Insert the other end of this cable into the port made for Ethernet in the router
  • Set up wizard of Explora runs as it detects connectivity

Fourthly, once connectivity has been established, you can check it any time you so desire. Just click the HELP button and go to Tools. Lastly, click on the connectivity checker under the drop-down menu to see if the device is connected to the web. DStv connection will be verified instantly.

Using a Wi-Fi connector for connectivity

Importantly, do you find the router too far away in another room from DStv Explora? It means connecting the two devices using a cable might be a troublesome idea. Well, there is nothing to worry about as you can still connect the two devices using a tool called DStv Wi-Fi connector. However, before attempting this method, make sure that the router is connected and switched on. Furthermore, this Wi-Fi connector performs the role of a DStv connector for you.

Steps involved in connectivity with Wi-Fi connector

  • Press blue button on remote with DStv written on it
  • Choose the option of System Settings under Settings
  • Go to connectivity set up
  • Insert docking station cable into the USB port made at the back of the decoder (make sure you don’t insert this cable into the USB port made on the side of the decoder)
  • Now take the Wi-Fi connector and insert it into the docking station (you can also connect the Wi-Fi connector in the USB port made on the back of the decoder. However, it may result in poor quality signals)
  • Keep the docking station close to DStv Explora
  • You will find the white LED on which shows that it is connected with the power source
  • Explora now runs the programs available after detecting connectivity
  • Click on OK on your remote and choose the right Wi-Fi connection.
  • You have to press OK once again to connect the decoder with the Wi-Fi
  • If the network is not identified, take a docking station close to the area where the strength of the Wi-Fi signal is high
  • You may be required to enter the password you have chosen for your Wi-Fi network
  • For a character used in the password but not included in the keyboard of the screen, you may have to make changes in the password
  • Make sure you enter the correct password, or else DStv Explora will not get connectivity

Indeed, the connectivity of the DStv decoder can be checked anytime you so desire. Just press HELP and choose the option of Connectivity Checker. Hope you now know how to connect DStv to Wi-Fi.