Increase the signal strength on your DStv

Poor signal quality and strength are the reasons why some subscribers become disenchanted with satellite television. If you experience poor audio and video quality on DStv, it is natural for you to feel irritated. However, the good news is that you can enhance these signals’ strength if you know how to align the dish properly and the LNB fitted on the dish. This article is for you if you are thinking about how do I increase my signal strength DStv.

You can easily increase signal strength by aligning the dish and the smart LNB. Another thing to do is to make sure that F connectors are properly connected to the LNB and the decoder. Read on to know how signal strength DStv can be enhanced in simple and easy ways. But before you learn how to improve signal strength and quality, you must first understand these terms. If you feel these terms are too scientific and you are feeling bored already, it is a prudent idea to call in our expert installers to do the needful for your DStv connection.

What is meant by signal strength DStv?

Signal strength is a quantitative number that tells whether the signals you are getting from the dish are strong or not. It is usually expressed in a number between 1 and 100, and you know your signal strength is excellent when it is close to 100. Signal strength is high when the dish is aligned

Increase the signal strength on your DStv

What is meant by signal quality?

Signal quality is determined by the level of interference between the satellite and the decoder in your premises. The higher the interference, the lower the quality of the signal. You can feel this interference in the form of noise if the signal’s quality is not good. If there is low or no noise, you can assume your signal quality to be good. Signal quality goes down when weather conditions are inclement.

How can you check quality and strength?

If you want to check the DStv signal, all you have to do is follow some simple steps.

  • Press the button named HELP on your remote
  • On the menu that appears on your screen, choose General Information
  • From the drop-down menu, select Select Tuner

The decoder returns the values of DSTV signal quality and strength on the screen. There is also available a DStv signal finder in the market. DStv signal finder price is high, and you don’t need to use it if you have any problem with DStv signal quality.

The important thing to keep in mind is that signal strength and quality should be above 50 to be considered good. However, you need signal strength and quality to be over 75 if you are interested in Show Max, Catch Up and Box Office.

Reasons behind poor signal strength and quality

Besides improper dish alignment, signal strength and quality are mostly affected by harsh weather conditions. Obstructions also play their role in creating interference in signal quality. The straight path of signals from the satellite and the dish are often obstructed by buildings, trees, and even clouds. A faulty LNB also results in DStv signal problemsAmong other issues, using F connectors in the wrong manner with coaxial cable is a common one. It reduces signal strength drastically, causing inconvenience for the customers of DStv. There are many videos available on YouTube teaching subscribers how to connect F connectors with coaxial cables properly.

If you are experiencing low or poor-quality signals, do not forget to check the alignment of your dish and LNB. Sometimes, rusting of the dish also reduces signal quality. Many people ignore the rusting of their dishes, but they forget that the dish’s shiny metallic surface is better able to reflect signals.

How to fix DStv signal

The important thing for all customers is to enjoy good audio and video quality on their DStv. If you are experiencing DStv no signal strength, there are many things you can do to fix the problem. However, the solutions described in this article apply only to residential DStv customers.

Closely examine the F connectors

Take a close look at F connectors to see if they are properly connected on the decoder’s back and the LNB.

Align the LNB

Importantly, check if your LNB is properly aligned or not. The angle of the LNB decides whether it can catch the signals perfectly from the satellite for the dish or not.

Align the dish

Furthermore, dish alignment plays a critical role in signal strength and quality. You can improve signal quality and strength by proper alignment of the satellite dish.

Change if the LNB is defective

Lastly, many people do not even know that the LNB installed on their dish has become faulty. A defective LNB that is not working results in insufficient signal strength and quality. Replace the LNB as soon as possible.

Change the position of the dish

Indeed, if you feel the dish is getting obstructed by trees or buildings nearby, it is better to change its position.

  • Prune trees within your reach

You can try this method if you feel a tree’s branches are obstructing your dish.

If you are not able to improve signal strength and quality even after trying the methods described above, it is a good idea to call in expert DStv installers from our company. WhatsApp or call us now!!