A common problem is DStv signal problems on certain channels

The most common problem experienced by many subscribers of DStv is no or poor quality signals on some of the channels. It is a result of poor quality signals that often falls below 50%. DStv signal problems on certain channels can prove frustrating if you are missing out on your favourite channels. Instead of your favourite TV show, you get to see the error message DStv signal error on channels that require high signal strength. In such a scenario, most subscribers think about how do I restore my DStv channels.

Poor signals on some channels of DStv

The funny part of some channels not working on DStv is that the subscriber has no problem watching other channels. It means that the satellite dish is misaligned, but you cannot see some channels because they require a signal strength higher than your decoder is getting.

In this article, you will learn why the decoder cannot play certain channels and what can be done to restore these channels on DStv.

Why your DStv is unable to play out some channels?

If some channels are not playing on DStv, your decoder is not receiving enough signal strength to play them out. The signal strength and quality are low because of the misalignment of your dish. In some cases, poor signal quality results from misaligned LNB also.

The poor quality of signals impacts only some channels

Remember that you will miss out on some channels of DStv only if the signal quality on your decoder falls below 50%. You will experience DStv some channels no signal while other channels keep playing without any problem. There are some horizontal and some vertical DStv channels. Some of these channels play smoothly, even when signal strength is low. However, the channels that require the decoder to get strong signals will not play when signal strength goes below 50%. You will find that the decoder gives the signal problem when you try to play these channels.

If you have subscribed for Extra View, it is easy for you to determine if signal strength and quality are behind some channels not working on DStv.

Responding to the problem of some channels not playing on DStv

You know that some channels are not playing on DStv because of the poor quality and strength of signals. Follow the steps that are mentioned below to solve DStv signal problems on certain channels.

Check signal strength and quality with DStv signal problems on certain channels

To check signal strength and quality, all you have to do is press the button with HELP written on your remote. Now choose the option of General Information appearing on the screen. Go to Information Central, where you can see the signal strength and quality. If you find these values below 50, it is a cause for concern.

Inspect the F connectors

If these important connectors become defective, you will find that signal quality and strength go down. So when you find a few channels not playing on your DStv, you should visually inspect these F connectors. It would help if you changed the faulty F connectors to enhance the signal strength and quality. If there are any joints on the signal cable, secure the connections tightly.

The condition of LNB

Inspect the LNB and align it properly if you find it misaligned. Your LNB should be facing up, and the angle should be relative to the satellite dish.

Check the satellite dish for DStv signal problems on certain channels

Examine the position and condition of the satellite dish. Align it properly to improve the signal strength and quality.

If you follow the steps described in this guide, you should overcome the problem of some channels not working on DStv. If your problem persists, give us a call and get the service of our expert installers.