A complete guide on how to fix the DStv No Signal Problem called E48 Error on DStv

Firstly, reading this article means you are a victim of the problem of DStv no signal problem E48 32 error. There can be many different reasons why you see this error message on the decoder of DStv. These include harsh weather conditions, a misaligned dish, a defective LNB, or even loose cable connections. 

DStv No Signal Problem

Secondly, this article aims to help you deal with this DStv no signal problem independently without calling for any professional help. But before we head to the solutions, it is pertinent to know the reasons behind the E48-32 error message experienced on the decoder of DStv.

In most cases, the culprit behind DStv no signal is either faulty accessories or harsh weather conditions. If the decoder does not receive proper signals, it is bound to display an error message.

Reasons for lost signals in DStv decoder

Sometimes, the decoder automatically achieves factory settings that result in lost signals. In such a scenario, the LNB fails to give signals that the decoder can understand.

Why do you see DStv No signal?

Indeed, Improper installation of the dish or the decoder can result in no signals for DStv. Some of the very common reasons you see DStv no signal are bad weather conditions, faulty LNB, loose wires, nonaligned dish, or wrong decoder settings. Lastly, you can overcome incorrect settings by going back to the factory settings of the decoder.

To sum up, there is no reason to press the panic button when you see DStv lost signal. Do not hurry to call a professional installer as he will charge a lot of money to solve your DStv problem. Try to troubleshoot the DStv signal problem on your own first. The tips and tricks described in this article will solve your problem and save your hard-earned money. Some installers try to dupe customers and charge a high price for solving DStv no signal. Obviously, contact us, our accredited DSTV installers are waiting.

Troubleshooting DStv no signal

If you do not know how to fix DStv signal problem, you will be delighted to know it is a minor technical glitch that you can rectify without any technical knowledge of DStv and its accessories. Importantly, all you have to do is get down to the root cause of the problem, and it is easily solved after that.

First of all, check the signal strength and its quality. Signal quality needs to be at least 75% or more to watch content in good quality. If the signal strength is zero or -1%, your decoder is not getting any signal from the satellite dish. In such a scenario, here is a step-by-step instruction to follow to overcome the problem of DStv no signal.

Step 1- Check if the cables are tight and secure

The decoder displays no signal message if the cable connections are loose. If this is the case, you have nothing more to do as checking DStv cables on your decoder’s back is sufficient to solve your problem. If connections are tight and secure, you can move on to the next step in this guide. There are videos on YouTube showing how to secure F-type connections behind the decoder.

Finally, people don’t realize that cables of DStv get pulled and made loose not intentionally but because of the playful behaviour of kids and pets. Indeed, if you find cables tight, make sure you plug them securely in the right order before switching the decoder on.

Step 2- Restart the decoder

Like your computer and laptop, you need to reboot to get rid of a nagging problem. You can restart the decoder to get rid of many DStv signal problems. For example, you can fix the problem of pictures frequently freezing on your screen. Restarting your decoder is the easiest way of solving the issue of the E48-32 error on DStv. To reboot the decoder, all you have to do is keep the power button pressed for nearly 10 seconds. You have to show patience as decoder rebooting takes a few minutes. You can move on to this guide’s next step if your problem of DStv no signal strength is not solved with rebooting.

Step 3- Check the alignment of the dish

Lastly, the most important component in the DStv set-up in your home is the small 80 cm dish that catches the satellite signals. If it develops rust or becomes misaligned, it can lower the signal quality and strength. If you are wondering why my decoder says no signal, closely inspect your dish. Do you see any rust on the surface? Is the arm of the dish broken? If all the bolts are tightly secure, you should find turning the dish with your hands difficult. If a storm or strong winds have turned the dish in a particular direction, you have to realign it and secure the bolts once again.

Furthermore, you know the right direction in which to turn the dish with the help of a signal detector. Once you have tightened the bolts, you have at least fixed the problem of DStv no signal.

Step 4- Examine the LNB

Search for silver colour nuts that connect the decoder’s cables to the device called LNB on the dish. These nuts, called F-connectors, should be tight and secure at the end of the LNB. Check if they have not developed rust or become loose. At times, even the LNB becomes damaged. To sum up, if LNB becomes defective, you have to replace it with a new one to solve the problem of the DStv signal. Lastly, you may be required to tilt the LNB to align it perfectly.

Step 5 – Get professional help from an accredited installer

It is the last step in troubleshooting if you have tried everything but could not restore your DStv signals. Call in a reliable DStv installer in your area, YES that is US to look at the problems with DStv. Our professionals have the technical knowledge and carry diagnostic tools to get down to the real DStv problem easily.

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