DStv Explora 3 vs Explora Ultra (Why you must upgrade to it)

Firstly, DStv Explora 3 vs Explora Ultra is the main reason why you must upgrade. MultiChoice, the parent company of the satellite television service called DStv, has introduced many new products for subscribers. Among these, the centre of attraction for the customers is the decoder called DStv Explora Ultra. Secondly, this decoder will convert the satellite dish’s signals to beam high-quality digital content on the TV sets. Thirdly, what makes this new Dstv Explora ultra attractive for customers is built-in Wi-Fi and the integration of the streaming platform Netflix.

DStv Explora 3 vs

According to MultiChoice, this latest offering is truly world-class, and it aims to bring the best in the world of entertainment to the living room of the customer. Fourthly, Explora Ultra PVR is a complete package unto itself as it combines the best in the streaming world with the best in the satellite world. Interestingly, MultiChoice has not yet announced the date on which Explora Ultra will be made available to its customers. Furthermore, it has only been said that this new decoder will be made available shortly to DStv users across the nation.

The launch ceremony of DStv Explora Ultra

During the launch ceremony of DStv Explora Ultra, a lot of focus was placed on integrating the streaming platform Netflix. DStv was trying to take credit for introducing world-class quality and international content for its customers. Earlier, DStv had announced that it had entered into partnerships with rival companies Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But later, it transpired that this arrangement had turned sour because of some misunderstandings between the rivals.

Lastly, the Competition Commissioner is investigating the deal that DStv signed with Amazon Prime and Netflix. Interestingly, all parties have chosen to remain mum, and even the commission has not revealed anything about its investigation.

The company knows that integrating the world’s leading streaming platforms would seal the nature of its competition with other companies in South Africa once and forever. Indeed, it would also establish Explora Ultra as the number one decoder in this industry. But the fate of the deal hangs in the balance as of now.

However, even without these streaming services, the all-new decoder from DStv offers great features to the subscribers, making it far more attractive than the earlier decoder called Explora 3.

To sum up, we have put together the features and specs of Explora 3 and Explora Ultra and tried to compare them for the benefit of those readers who are still undecided on which of these decoders they should install in their households. In addition, if you have just purchased Explora Ultra 4K decoder, call our experts for the installation of DStv!

Offline features are the same – DStv Explora 3 vs Explora Ultra

According to DStv, there will be no difference between the features offered by Explora 3 and Explora Ultra to the users when they are not connected to the web. These common features are Catch Up, Pause of Live TV for up to 2 hours, Parental control, Box Office, interactive apps, and an eight-day TV guide.

You can record the content of up to 110 hours on both these decoders. However, the actual duration depends upon the quality of the content being recorded. As far as audio and video quality is concerned, Explora Ultra is far superior to Explora 3 with Dolby Atmos and 4K.

Features on the web

It is on the web that Explora Ultra outsmarts Explora 3 completely. There is full support for third-party apps from Explora Ultra, and it also supports both Showmax as well as DStv Now. Showmax is there with Explora 3 too, but it happens to be a less advanced version. With Explora Ultra, the user can watch a variety of movies and shows with third-party apps.

Indeed, if you are using Explora Ultra, the recommended internet speed for SD streaming for you is 2MBPS and 10MBPS for HD streaming. Furthermore, if you want to watch programs in 4K, the minimum requirements are according to the content’s suppliers. Lastly, if you intend to enjoy limited streaming, you can make use of capped internet. For unlimited streaming, it is better to get an unlimited data usage internet connection.  

DStv Explora Ultra 4K decoder is a powerhouse of entertainment with a slew of features and functionalities.

It is not clear how much the cost of Explora Ultra will be. But if one goes by the assertion of DStv that it is going to be a must-have decoder for the customers, it is clear that it will be priced much higher than Explora 3 by the company.

Difference between Dstv Explora and Explora Ultra

Specifications of Explora 3 & Ultra

Sound quality

  • Explora 3 Dolby Digital
  • Explora Ultra Dolby Atmos

Video quality

  • Explora 3 720p, 1080i
  • Explora Ultra 720p, 1080i, 4K


  • Explora 3 Ethernet, USB for external DStv Wi-FI connector
  • Explora Ultra Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Recording capacity

  • Explora 3 Up to 110 hours
  • Explora Ultra Up to 110 hours

Smartcard slot

  • Explora 3 Yes
  • Explora Ultra No

User bands

  • Explora 3 32
  • Explora Ultra 32

USB Ports

  • Explora 3 2
  • Explora Ultra 1


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