If you have purchased the Explora decoder, you cannot wait to connect it with the dish and get a chance to watch your favourite movies and shows. It is hard to resist the temptation of enjoying the features such as Box Office, Catch Up, and Show Max that comes with Explora. But you cannot experience digital entertainment in your living room until you have properly connected the decoder with the dish. Do you know how to install a DStv Explora decoder?

Connecting satellite dish with your Explora decoder

This guide aims to teach you how to install DStv Explora for nonstop entertainment.

Connecting satellite dish with your Explora decoder

Equipment you will need

Installing the Explora decoder and connecting it with the dish is a quick and easy process, but you should know the equipment necessary for this exercise. In addition to the dish and the decoder you have purchased, you would need a smart LNB, RG6 coaxial cable, signal finder, and finally multi-switch if you are making use of a large communal dish or a twin LNB.

How good the quality of programs on your TV is, depends on how well you have connected the decoder with the dish. The whole endeavour should be very straightforward if you are making use of a smart LNB. If you experience any difficulty, you can ask for professional help from our accredited installers.

How to connect the decoder when you are using smart LNB

Mounting and aligning the dish

Choose a place where the dish can receive signals freely from the satellite without any obstructions. Choose the highest location and where sunlight is not obstructed by trees and other buildings in the vicinity. Obstructions can lower the signal strength and also their quality to result in inferior quality video quality.

The connection between Smart LNB and RG6 cable

This connection is very important during the DStv Explora installation. Using an F connector, connect the Smart LNB with an RG6 cable. Ensure that both wires coming out of the F connector do not touch each other as it will not allow any signal to the decoder.

The connection between the decoder and RG6 cable

Find the port on the back of the decoder where you find written uni cable in. Connect the end of the RG6 line coming from the dish into this port.

Time to run the installation wizard

If you are sure of having mad proper and secure connections, it is time to run the installation wizard. All you have to do is to go through the steps and set up DStv Explora installation. If possible, choose the option of Quick set up to make it a fast and easy exercise. However, before initiating set up, make sure that that the three tuners turn blue.

Call MultiChoice to start the service of the decoder

Without the authorization of MultiChoice, DStv’s parent company, you cannot watch movies and programs on your TV with the Explora decoder. As soon as the installation wizard sets up Explora installation, dial the number of MultiChoice and request to activate your Explora decoder. After activation, check whether channel 100 is running or not. If it is playing, your installation has been carried out properly.

For the Extra View facility, connect two Explora decoders

It is necessary to connect not one but two Explora decoders to enjoy Extra View on DStv. It is not a difficult procedure if you are not using RF out ports to watch content on extra TV sets. All you have to do is to connect two decoders with Smart LNB using RG6 cables. Now go to Settings and choose the option of Quick Set Up. There you have to enter the numbers of the decoders and then click on Scan. The only problem you can encounter is that of signal quality if both decoders’ settings are identical.

Connecting Explora decoder without LNB

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a smart LNB to connect the Explora decoder you have purchased. If the dish you are using is communal, you can join the Explora decoder using twin LNB. The only problem with this method is that it requires long cables that run from the dish to the multi-switch. The wires coming from the switch are then inserted into the port on the back of the decoder to enjoy digital entertainment.

If you have used the methods described in this article to make a DStv Explora connection but cannot enjoy DStv, it is time to call in expert installers from our company for your help. Our installers know everything about DStv cables connectionThey will carry out DStv Explora with installation at very reasonable prices to bring nonstop digital entertainment to your living room.