Error codes DStv:  What do the codes mean and how to solve the related issues?

Firstly, if you are a DStv user, you must be familiar with the quality of the service. DStv offers a smooth entertainment service to its subscribers. However, sometimes you have to face some issues. You can see certain error codes DStv, on your screens. Secondly, every code indicates a certain problem. Thirdly, if you know the meaning of a DStv error code, you see the problem and can solve it very easily.

Error codes DStv

How to fix the error for scrambled channels

The scrambled channel is one of the most common errors, which you see on your screens. E 16-0, E 16-4, E 19-4, E 109, and E 30-0 are the DStv codes for scrambled channels. These codes appear on your screen in two different cases. First, the track is not included in the DStv Package you are currently using. Secondly, the service is not available for some reason.

Indeed, to clear the DStv error code, you should check your DStv balance first. If you have a sufficient balance in your account, you can contact the local administrator in your area.

How do I clear my DSTV error code for a non-active subscription?

To sum up, when you see E 17- 0 and E 17-13, it shows that you are no longer an active member of Dstv. DStv clear error for non-subscription, you have to contact the authorized dealer. He will activate your subscription again, and you will enjoy the service without any interruption.

How DStv clear Error code for validation error?

E 32-0 and E 32- 4 are the error codes that reflect the validation in progress error. It means your validation procedure is not complete yet. Lastly, you have to wait for a few more minutes. Usually, validation takes three to five minutes. If your validation error code does not disappear within five minutes, you can use the DStv self-service code to clear the error.

Error codes DStv

E 100 and E 101 are also validation error codes. When you see these codes, you need to understand that your decoder was not in use, and due to long inactivation, it has been disconnected. You need to contact authorized DStv dealers for activation.

How to fix for notification?

E 33-0, E 30 -4 are the notification error codes. These error codes show that your subscription is not complete yet, and you have to wait a little longer. You can use the DStv app to clear this code.

Other than these codes, if you see E 33-4 error code, it shows that your smart card is not properly inserted. Sometimes you forget to insert a Smart card, and sometimes it’s not properly inserted. Check the card and insert it properly to fix this error.

To sum up, DStv now error 403 shows the restriction of the user for a particular action. When you see this error code, you need to contact your service provider for information.