OVHD no signal & No signal error can be frustrating for any DStv subscriber. However, there is no need to worry as DStv no signal message is mostly a technical glitch caused by an improperly aligned dish, a defective LNB, inclement weather conditions, or connections gone awry.

Easy fixes for your DStv/OVHD no signal problem

If you are experiencing OVHD no signal message, it is probably a result of harsh weather conditions. It could also be a problem resulting from faulty accessories. Don’t worry; your DStv decoder displays an error message only because it is experiencing signal problems.

OVHD no signal

We receive a lot of queries from our followers regarding the problem of OVHD no signal. In this article, we have tried to answer the most common queries in question and its answer.

Question #1

How can I achieve a factory reset of my DStv/OVHD decoder?

DStv no signal error message is probably a result of improper installation. If you are trying to troubleshoot, you must know that this error message can result from a misalignment of the dish or a defective LNB. It could also result from incorrect settings of the decoder, loose wires, or loose F-connector plug. You can rectify faulty decoder settings by simply achieving a factory reset of your DStv decoder. Here are the steps involved in the factory reset of your DStv decoder.

  • Press the blue button ‘DStv’ on your remote
  • Go to the option of Settings
  • From the dropdown menu, choose System Setting
  • Choose the option of reset decoder setting
  • Now click on the choice of reset to factory default

Voila! You have achieved a factory reset of your DStv decoder.

Steps to achieve factory reset of your OVHD decoder are as follows.

  • On your remote control, press Menu
  • Go to Settings on the screen and then click on OK
  • From the dropdown menu, choose installation and click on OK
  • If it asks for a parental PIN, enter the code 1234
  • You see a new menu in which you have to click OK on factory reset
  • You can begin channel search by pressing OK once again

It is how you can solve the problem of Openview no signal

Question #2

What to do when I see DStv/OVHD no signal?

DStv/OVHD no signal problem is common and discussed very frequently in various forums on the internet. The ratio of signal to noise is defined as signal quality. Bad quality signals can result from many different reasons and even a combination of these reasons. If the angle of the LNB on the satellite dish gets changed after installation, it can result in no signal error. It is seen that a vast majority of bad signal complaints are received during bad weather conditions as it can change the LNB settings.

LNB is an acronym that stands for Low noise block down converter. This small device fitted on the dish catches radio waves received by the satellite dish. It converts them into signals carried through cables and decoded by the decoder on your TV monitor. If you see DStv no signal, there is no need to press the panic button. You can follow these simple steps to get down to the root cause of the problem.

Step #1- Take a close look at the connections

You may find connections loose at one or more places.

Step #2- Check the weather condition

Signal quality may be poor because of inclement weather, especially cloudy weather conditions.

Step #3- Restarting the decoder

The decoder is the culprit when it experiences a surge in voltage.