What is a PVR decoder DStv?

What is a PVR decoder DStv

Multichoice has several decoder options to choose from. They all offer different features and are priced according to this. Importantly, you need to understand their features before getting them. You can thus reach out to our DStv experts for the best recommendations. Indeed, we will ensure you have a proper DStv PVR decoder that will cater to all your needs.

PVR decoder– HD PVR (2 Tuner)

PVR decoder– HD PVR (2 Tuner)

In addition, our company offers the best deals on PVR decoder options. You can thus make huge savings once you reach out to our team. Furthermore, we offer PVR decoder installation services countrywide. Indeed, you will get the services of our DStv Installers at the lowest prices.

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What makes the PVR decoder different?

This is an important concern for many beginners. Indeed, you will get the best viewing piece with the PVR decoder. Firstly, you can record over 150 hours worth of shows on this decoder. In addition, the PVR decoder supports up to 50 hours of HD recordings. You thus never have to miss any of your favourite shows.

Secondly, the decoder lets you record one show while watching another. It is quite handy as no one in your house will have to miss their favourite shows. It will also help you when your favourite shows are running simultaneously with live sports you would wish to watch. Thirdly, you can now pause live TV with the help of the PVR decoder.

Indeed, you can now pause news briefings and other important announcements. You will thus never miss out on important information once you get PVR decoders from our company. In addition to this, you can rewind any live broadcasting to ensure you never miss out on any important information. You are thus well covered once you get the PVR decoder. In conclusion, your viewing experience will be elevated significantly.

PVR Decoder

You can now control your family viewing.

The PVR decoders give you control over your family’s viewing habits. Indeed, you can now activate parental control to limit what they can watch. It will lock them from specified channels depending on your specification. It is thus an important feature to have.

You can now get the best performance with the help of our team. Indeed, we will get you reliable PVR decoders for all your viewing solutions.

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What is the price of the PVR decoder?

What is the price of the PVR decoder

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