What is the DStv Self Service Code? – *120*68584#

DStv Self Service Code

Multichoice offers a simple and convenient way to solve simple problems you encounter while watching. Indeed, you no longer need to get a professional to help you out. You can thus use a simple DStv self service code to make these corrections. It will thus save you some money and ensure you don’t spend a long time waiting for a professional.

You can, however, still call our DStv company for assistance when you encounter challenges with the DStv self service code.

DStv Self Service Code & How Does work?

4 Ways to Use the DStv Self Service

  1. Log onto your DStv Self Service
  2. DStv WhatsApp Nr
  3. Use the DStv Now App
  4. USSD Code for Dstv

Secondly, should you wish to make a payment with a DStv USSD Code please use the following codes for the various banks.

  • Absa Payment USSD – Dial *120*2272#
  • Standard Payment USSD – Dial *120*2345#
  • FNB Payment USSD – Dial *120*321#
  • Nedbank Payment USSD – Dial *120*002#

Thirdly, you can contact the DStv WhatsApp Self Service Chatbot on 060 060 3788.

  • Indeed, just type “Hello” to begin the process and will allow self service functions on your account.

Which features are available on the DStv self service code?

Which features are available on the DStv self service code

The DStv self service code offers many features that make it easier to use your DStv. Indeed, they bring all the solutions you need closer, and you can benefit from this. Here are some of the services you can get from the service code;

Clearing Error Messages

Clearing Error Messages

You are bound to experience some message errors while using your DStv. The DStv self-service code makes it easier to identify the errors and clear them. It will help you understand what you need to do to remove the errors. The codes will also help you identify and correct the causes of blinking LEDs on your decoder. You can thus make all the necessary corrections to your system from the comfort of your laptop or tablet.

Checking for balance

Checking for balance

The DStv self service code also allows you to check for balances on your account. It thus gives you better control over your DStv Packages. In addition, you will know the right time to renew subscriptions, thus ensuring you never get discontinued and miss your shows.

Furthermore, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your DStv Package from the DStv self service code. Indeed, it makes the process simpler, and you don’t need to contact anyone at Multichoice for the service.

Locating DStv Service Centres

Multichoice offers accredited centres to ensure you can always find the repairs and replacements you need. You can thus locate the nearest service centre through the DStv self service codes. Indeed, it will show you the services they offer and their operating hours. You can thus get one that is closest to you and with the services you need.

Payment information

The DStv self service codes will give you all the payment information you need. You will thus have the right payment procedures and accounts to use. In addition, it shows your payment history for proper account management. You can thus have better control over your subscriptions and redeem codes when they are available. These features will make using your decoder easier. Furthermore, you don’t need to call in a technician when you encounter a problem.

The DStv self service codes are a convenient way to give you more control over your viewing. In addition, you will save a lot and still learn more about your DStv. You can thus create an account and use these codes whenever you need to.

If you encounter challenges in the process, our DStv Technicians are available to help you out.


People also ASK – Self Service DStv Number

Self Service DStv Number

What is the DStv Self Service Code?

The code is *120*68584#

What is the DStv Self Service number?

These are the Self Service  numbers

  • 083 900 3788
  • 011 289 2222

What is the DStv reset code for South Africa?

This is wow to clear DStv error code via SMS

  • SMS “Reset” to 17771

What is the DStv Self Service WhatsApp number?

  • The WhatsApp Nr is 060 060 3788

What is the fastest way to clear DStv Errors?

  1. Visit dstv.com
  2. Choose the Error Code
  3. Type in Smart Card nr
  4. Select “Reset Device”

How do I contact DStv customer care?

  • WhatsApp or Call – 060 060 3788
  • Email help@dstv.com
  • Call (011) 289 2222