Learn how to Reset DStv Remote?

Multichoice has different remote models for all their decoders. Remotes are a convenient way to navigate through the DStv menu without getting close to the decoder. One of the biggest hacks you should know if you have a remote is how to reset DStv remote. Indeed, it is a simple and fast process that will have your remote working as well as no time.

DStv Remote Reset

How to Reset DStv remote

Unfortunately, the process can get quite technical for a beginner. Importantly, you can now reach out to our DStv technicians for all your resetting needs. We offer remote repairs, upgrades, and resetting at the best prices and year-round deals. In addition, we also offer the installation of DStv for all new clients. Indeed, you will have same-day installation regardless of where you are in the country. We are thus your best solution for all your DStv installation needs.

What should you know while learning how to reset DStv remote?

Since Multichoice has different remote options, you should know which model you intend to reset. Indeed, they have different procedures. It is, however, simple to identify the remote you want to reset by looking at the model code at the back. In addition, you should always ensure there aren’t obstacles between your remote and the sensor on your decoder.

Importantly, it will make how to reset DStv remote faster and more accurate. Finally, your remote’s battery should be full and strong enough to sustain the process. Indeed, the reprogramming process is delicate and should be handled well for the best results. Once you get the right model, you can begin the resetting process. Here are some of the methods our experts will use to reset it once you reach out to our company;

Resetting an Explora remote for model A7

The Explora is popular among DStv viewers owing to its convenience and reliable features. Indeed, this resetting process will have it working as well as new. Firstly, press the OPTION and STANDBY buttons on your remote for about five seconds. It will bring up the red LED light, and it will blink three times.

Secondly, press the 9 button and wait for 1 short red blink. Thirdly, press the 8 button and wait until it brings up the red light again. Fourthly, press the 1 button until you get 2 sort red blinks on your remote. Finally, complete the process by pressing the OK button for 3 seconds, and your resetting will be complete. This is how to reset DStv remote for this model.

Resetting an Explora remote for model A6

Firstly, press and hold the STANDBY and ARC buttons simultaneously for around 5 seconds. Wait for the umber LED lights to come on and proceed to the next step. Release the STANDBY button and continue holding the ARC.

Secondly, while still pressing the ARC, enter the resetting code 9949 until you get three green blinks on the LED lights. Finally, release the ARC button, and the resetting process will be complete. This is how to reset DStv remote for the A6 model.

How to Reset DStv remote

Resetting a DStv Explora remote for DStv PVR

The how-to reset DStv remote process for this decoder is quite simple since it is an old model. Firstly, press and hold the SHIFT button and wait for the three blinks on the LED. Finally, enter the resetting code 977, and you are done. Your remote is now ready to use.

In conclusion, learning how to reset DStv remote is an important part of owning a decoder.

Indeed, you can reach out to our experts for any assistance you need on your system for the best deals.