Open View OVHD decoder guide: Making things simple for you

Indeed, Open View OVHD decoder guide is here for you! Of course, the open View OVHD decoder is the device that can connect you to the world of free entertainment. It is very easy to connect your decoder with the dish and TV. Furthermore, if you are finding it difficult, this Open View decoder guide can make things simple for you.

Buy decoder and dish before Open View activation.

First of all, you have to purchase an Open view decoder.  The decoder is on special. Secondly, the best thing about this decoder is, it’s compatible with any satellite dish. Thirdly, if you already have a dish, there is no need to purchase a new one. Fourthly, you can easily connect it with any dish you already have.

Finally, if you were using services from the DStv, Vivid, Free Vision, or any other satellite TV, you could connect the same dish with your Open View decoder.

Open View Decoder guide

Start Open view installation by connecting the dish to the decoder.

When you have a dish and decoder, you can start Open View installation. First of all, you have to connect your decoder and dish.  Activate your decoder by following the steps on the decoder. These are simple steps; if you face any problem, you can read the FAQs on Open View’s official website.

Now you have to connect the dish and OVHD decoder. You will see a cable hanging with the dish. Connect this cable to the decoder in LNB – IN port. Next, you have to Switch On your decoder. The decoder will catch the signals automatically, and you are done with this step. If you are using a TV top dish, the process is the same.

Use RCA cable to Connect decoder with TV to complete OVHD decoder setup

When you have connected your dish and decoder, the next step is to connect the decoder with the TV. You can connect the TV and decoder in many ways.  The most common one is the use of RCA cable. RCA cable has three different connectors in red, white, and yellow colours. You can find ports of the same colours at the back of your decoder. Connect the same colour connects with the same colour ports.

The other end of the cable has a similar connector, which you have to insert in your TV in similar matching colours. However, make sure you are connecting them to the INPUT port.  Some TVs don’t have coloured ports; in that case, you have to remember yellow is for Video, White is for Audio L, and red is for Audio R. connect them accordingly.

Open View Decoder guide

AV mini-jack can also be used for decoder and TV connection

You can use the AV mini-jack for the sake of connection. The single jack will be connected with the decoder. You can find a port at the back of your decoder. The coloured connectors will be connected with the same coloured ports on the TV. If the TV does not have coloured ports, remember the same order, Yellow is for Video IN, red is for Audio R, and White is for Audio L. Connect these appropriately in respective ports which have written INPUT on them.

HDMI can be used for OVHD decoder set up

HDMI cable is another option to complete the OVHD decoder set up. At the back of the decoder, an HDMI port is available. Connect the one end of the HDMI cable there and the other end with your TV. In this case, Open View settings will be different. You need to search for the relevant HDMI source first.

Connect the power cable with the power source and let your decoder scan the channels. Once the scanning is complete, your decoder is ready for the Open View activation.

Steps for Open View activation

Now your decoder is connected with the dish and with your TV, and you have completed the scanning of channels as well. Now follow a few simple steps for the Open View activation.

You will see a help button on your remote control; press that and open the help menu. It will ask for your STB number. Now push the Exit button and come back on the channel screen. Use your cell phone to dial the number and use the STB number to complete the process.

The decoder will not only activate but may be upgraded as well. You have to complete the process with patience. OVHD is 20 decoder settings, so do it carefully. After activation, you can use your remote to change the channels of your choice.

DStv Open View has a nearly similar operating procedure. Once you started the activation procedure, give it a few minutes to complete. Making multiple attempts can cause problems. Download the app!