Firstly, do you want to know how do i reset my dstv decoder? Like you, many people are curious to see if they can reset their DStv decoder or not. Secondly, there are many reasons why customers start to think about resetting their decoders. In most instances, this exercise is a way to eliminate the decoder’s faulty configuration as it brings the decoder to its original factory settings. Indeed, many customers believe resetting helps in getting rid of corrupt software of the decoder. Whatever the reason, how to reboot the DStv decoder becomes easy for you after reading this guide.

There are many videos on YouTube with step by step instructions that you can follow to reset your DStv Explora decoder easily. Lastly, if you do not have the patience to watch long videos, you can easily follow the steps described in this article to achieve your DStv Explora decoder’s factory reset. But before you attempt a reboot of the decoder, it is pertinent to know why it is a good idea to reset the HD or Explora decoder of DStv.

Why you should attempt a hard reset of your DStv decoder

This is how you can reset Explora and HD DStv decoders

Like all other electronic appliances running on the internet, your DStv decoder’s software can become corrupt. There is a high chance of this happening when you are trying to upgrade the operating system, and it gets interrupted. Furthermore, as the most experienced DStv installers in town, we can vouch that resetting your decoder solves the problem of corrupt software.

At times, the decoder becomes unable to receive signals from the dish. It usually happens when the settings of the decoder are changed. If you know, how do I reset my DStv decoder, you can make it catch signals again.

Finally, are you one of those customers who like to fiddle with their gadgets and play with their settings? Knowing how to reboot DStv Explora enables you to get down to the original factory settings any time you so desire.

The decoder has chances of becoming unstable when it is full or corrupt. By resetting the decoder, you can fix the problem of a corrupt hard drive and free up precious space inside it.

How to format DStv Explora

There is no need to waste your time trying to reset your decoder by watching DIY videos on YouTube. Just follow the step by step instructions described below to reboot the decoder easily.

Press the blue colour button written DStv upon it on the remote

  • Go to Settings by pressing the right arrow button
  • Under Settings, choose the option of System Settings
  • Press the arrow button once again to go to advance settings and select the option from Reset Decoder Settings
  • Under the drop-down menu, choose the option of Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Finally, press OK on the remote control

After performing these actions, you will find that the Explora or HD decoder has been reset to default factory settings. This is how do I reset my DStv decoder to factory settings. Do you find that the issues of a corrupt drive or signal strength are still unresolved? Now is high time you called in our expert installers to solve the problem for you.