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Firstly, get the Best Pool deck deals!  Revamp your pool area with composite wood decking.

Summer is around the corner.  It means more days outdoors, more reasons to braai.  Undoubtedly every reason to swim.

However, there is nothing worse than an unattractive garden.  So, we can change that for you.  How about fashionable composite decking?  For one thing, it requires no maintenance.

As a result, it also looks good all year round.

First,  and most important there is a 15-year guarantee on it.  Most of the time the longevity outlasts its guarantee.   these planks are easy to install.  Therefore installation time is quick.

Second, it is affordable and easy to install.  Depending on the area size it can take no more than two days.  Larger areas may take slightly longer.

Third, it is an easy soft service to walk on, so toddlers are safe crawling around on it.

Lastly, it comes in various neutral colours to suit what you want.

Pool deck

The holiday feel of a pool deck

The holiday feel of a pool deck in your back garden is a must-have.  Let’s face it holidays are becoming very expensive.  So why not spend your extra cash on outdoor renovations at home.

Not only is it long-lasting and enjoyable for years to come.  But it also increases the value of your property.

Plus, there are so many design options to choose fun.  You can have fun creating a unique space for you and your family.

Besides our great product line, we also have a team of experts to help you.

A professional installation – WhatsApp us now to Install!

A professional installation of a new pool deck will ensure it lasts for many years.

That is why we encourage you to use our installing team.

Firstly, it adds to the guarantee that the deck will be stable.

Secondly, you can have peace of mind because you won’t be doing all the hard work.

Last but not least, our experience and trained eye know what will work as your final pool deck.
We also assist with electric fence installations!

Pool deck


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