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Electric fence, the most reliable property security in South Africa.

Do you have enough protection around your home or business?  Does your perimeter wall need 24-hour security? Well, we have a cost-effective solution to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Following recent events, mainly in KZN and Gauteng, more people realize the importance of good security.  And without it becoming too expensive like employing extra security.  Hence the best one is a self-sustaining service.

With all that said, it is safe to say electric fencing is the answer.

Firstly, these fences can be fitted to any perimeter barrier.  Like a wall or palisade fencing. Plus no matter the size of the property it will be perfect. Secondly, as it does not require manpower to constantly look after it, it is affordable for everyone.

Thirdly, it is a clear impression of no entry.  Because nothing speaks more loudly than an object that will deliver a shock if you try to touch it. Fourthly, its use is perfect with other security measures like CCTV cameras and alarm systems.

Lastly, it is easy to maintain and service.  Plus, once installed it has a long-lasting effect that goes on for years. As revealed by all of our happy customers you can rest assured you have come to the right place.

Another great advantage of our service is our after-sales service. Not only do we have the products available to help you now.  But our installation time is quick and efficient. Therefore, you can have instant security on your property today.

Call us now for the best prices on electric fencing products and accessories.  In addition, the best technicians in the country.

Electric fence

Secure your property with electric fence protection

Secure your property with electric fence protection. Our company prides itself in reliable security solutions for all our clients.  Because a secure environment is a stress-free environment.

For example, what if you own a game farm and want to keep your livestock safe.  Not only from other predators but also poachers. Add an electric perimeter so that while you sleep your animals of safe.

For one thing, a big property isn’t always easy to keep an eye on in every corner every minute.  So, at least where your eyes cannot see will have protection.

We also offer full maintenance contracts with fences already in place.  For instance, if you need new wiring to be fitted our service team can help you right away.

Also if you require upgrades to security features like cameras and alarms.  We have the latest technology that is smart and effective.

electric fence protection

Other services

Looking for more than just electric fence services?  Great! We are here to help you with various services.

Like, automatic perimeter gates or an automatic garage door.  In this case, contact us for products and installations that are cost-effective, we have the goods for you.

Plus, our technicians are qualified to install a full CCTV system for your company.  If you need access control doors and more we can assist you.

Not only is our team experienced but they also understand regulations and ethics.  For instance, there is a voltage limit for electric fencing.  Because it is always best to stick to guidelines our staff is kept in check at all times.

Correct procedures

Correct procedures for electric fence installation are important for many reasons.

Firstly, to not compromise the insulator or other electric parts

Secondly, using methods that risk breaking the link.  It is better to make sure installation is correct at all times.  Using parts like cable ties and have causing slack on the wires again is a problem.

Thirdly, correct quotes, there is nothing worse than paying for something that is not correct.

Finally, choose an electric fence company that is willing to be transparent about the full quote.  For example, the height of the fence must be disclosed before installation starts.

Along with this and other important factors, we guarantee a job well done.


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