Firstly, we are Electric fence Pretoria a popular electric fence energizer supplier.  We have been installing electric fences for over a decade.  Because of the rise in crime, electric fencing installations are needed by people all over the country to secure their homes and possessions. As well as our electric gates.

Most homeowners and businesses turn to us. Importantly, our electric fence price rates are competitive. So, call us for any electric fence repairs.  We install strong electric gates.  Plus have, low prices on branded energizers and other products we supply.

Electric Fence Pretoria

Trusted electric fence suppliers

Secondly, Electric fence Pretoria is a trusted electric fence supplier in South Africa.  Our electric fence wire is accredited and recommended highly by our clients and trusted by many.  Plus, we have quality solar electric fence supplies.

You can trust us for affordable and well-known brands.  For instance, a nemtek energizer can be used for home walls.  This brand is perfect for fencing animal management. We can help with specific brands you may require.

electric fence suppliers

Do we repair automatic gates?  Yes, we install and can repair automatic driveway gates.  Finally, for affordable fencing and gates speak to the professionals now.
Furthermore, we can supply an Electric fence system certificate of compliance. Also, we will guarantee our work with a COC (certificate of compliance).  Also, if you need a certificate for already in place fencing.  Indeed, we can help you after a simple site check to make sure the fence is compliant.

Access security suppliers!

Finally, invest in access security with Electric fence Pretoria. Get affordable security solutions for private and commercial use.  In conclusion, contact us now.

In addition, Access Control at boom gate entrances has become more sophisticated.  Lastly, we can install features like electric fencing and gate motors.  Ask about:

Access Control

• Get Cctv Camera
• Security gate installed
Tv Mounting
• Burglar Bars install
• Wifi Installations
• Garage Door Repair
• Intercom systems install or repair
• Garage Door motor installation

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