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When you buy a new tv, the last thing on your mind is tv installation. In addition to buying new tv entertainment centres, tv mounting services are often overlooked as well. Many people think that as long as they have a tv and a place they can go, everything is fine. However, there are some very important reasons why having tv installation services done with our TV mounting professionals offers benefits that you simply cannot ignore.

Tv mounting

1) Even Tv’s Need Standards

Even if you already have a tv mounted without professional help, consider this: Did you ensure the stand was level with the ground? Were all of the holes drilled straight? Is your television hanging too low or too high on your wall? How sturdy is it? Tv installation services ensure that tv standards are met. There are tv mounting experts out there who will ensure the tv is properly levelled and secure so you never have to worry about your tv falling off the wall or into pieces due to shoddy tv mounting.

tv mounted

2) Tv’s Don’t Just Haul Themselves Up The Wall

Most tv owners take pride in their ability to build furniture, install cabinets, put up shelves, etc… However, this does not mean that tv installation services should be overlooked when it comes time to hang a new television. Even well-made stands can become faulty over time if they are not attached properly or secured with enough anchor bolts. If an individual tries to mount a tv on his own without proper assistance somebody could get hurt.

3) TV Mounting Services

When you think about tv installation, the word “expensive” may come to mind. However, tv mounting services are actually quite affordable if the price is a concern. Even if an individual does not have any experience with tv installation at all, he can still find tv mounting companies in his area to help him out with expertly installed tv stands and tv mounts. Leave tv installation for people who know what they’re doing; take care of your home entertainment needs by hiring tv installations professionals today!

TV Mounting Services

4) You Can’t Be Too Careful When It Comes To Displaying Your Digital Life On The Wall

People hold high value in their televisions these days, however, it’s not just because TVs are expensive. The tv stands themselves are often worth thousands of dollars, particularly tv wall mounts. The tv stands you have sitting in your home are probably custom pieces that were built to the exact specifications you requested for them back when they were being built. It is important to know that tv mounting services will ensure all tv mounting equipment is attached to the tv stand so it cannot fall off if someone accidentally bumps into it.

tv stand

5) TV Mounting Prolongs Lifespan

The age-old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true here; tv installations experts can certainly help with this issue by offering professional tv installation services that can ensure your mount isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much tv movement there is from the tv stand itself. TV mount installation goes a long way towards preventing tvs from falling onto someone or even just falling onto the floor completely due to tv mount failure.

TV Mounting Prolongs Lifespan

People ASK

How much does it cost to get a TV mounted?

TVs’ are generally mounted using mounting brackets. They can either be attached to the wall or they can be attached to the TV itself. If you want to be able to change your TV one day, then mounting brackets would be the best option for you. Mounting brackets come in various kinds with different price tags. The price is mainly affected by the material used in making them which in most cases is made out of metal. When buying these TVs, it’s important that you buy products that are durable and strong enough to hold the weight of the TV.

How much does it cost to get a TV mounted?

Can I mount a TV by myself?

Yes, you can but it is always better to get a professional in. Installing a wall mount for your TV can free up valuable space – no clutter, no awkward entertainment centres! But once you have a wall mount, you need to know how to install it correctly so that it doesn’t fall off the wall and down onto someone’s head.

Can I mount a TV by myself?

Is mounting a TV expensive?

Anyone can get started by using the right setup. The only possible drawback to mounting a TV is if you get stuck with an exorbitant price tag. However, you don’t need to pay high prices for professional installation. There are many ways to mount a TV without breaking the bank – WhatsApp us now!

Do I need an expensive wall mount?

This depends on your needs. You should go for a wall mount that ensures the safety of the TV. Installing a wall mount is not an easy task so you need to hire our TV Installers who will do it professionally and install a high-quality bracket that does not break easily or fall off.

Do I need an expensive wall mount?

What size TV should I mount on a wall?

To be honest, TV sizing depends on how much space you have in your m home. It is recommended that you buy a TV according to the size of your living room or bedroom. If you can’t afford a big TV then consider buying one with the same inch but it has a smart feature. This way, you can watch movies without disturbing your neighbours.

How do I mount a TV?

Mounting your TV is one task in an installation that many people find challenging. However, if you follow these key points and tips for successful mounting it will go much smoother than before!

How do I mount a TV?

First off use a spirit level. This will make sure the television’s screen faces exactly horizontal on its surface when mounted against a wall or stand-alone unit. Next trunk cables are neatly behind so there aren’t any unsightly bundles hanging down toward where furniture. If necessary consider hiding cords inside suitable trunking or conduit to conceal components while also allowing for tv movement.

Ensure the tv is angled toward the seating/viewing area for a better viewing experience and less neck strain during tv watching. Mount your tv at a height that keeps viewers from bumping their heads on it. If possible otherwise utilize tv brackets with enough extension to compensate for the additional distances tv’s are mounted from the wall. Ensure tv stand allows tv movement after installation for final tv levelling or tv positioning. Use a 4k HDMI cable for the best picture quality.

Find Tv Mounting Professionals Near You

Do you need help with mounting your TV? Do you want the most affordable option? You don’t need to look any further. Our TV Mounting professionals are here to help. Don’t worry, we will install your tv on the wall, mount it onto the wall, all for a very affordable cost.

Tv Mounting Professionals Near You?

Need help finding a TV Mounting professional?

Don’t let your old or new TV go to waste and become a dated focal point in your home. If you want to mount a TV on the wall, but don’t know where to start then you’re in luck. The best place to start is with us and have our professionals come look at the project. We will give you some professional advice on what options will work best for your situation.

What options do we offer with our TV Installations?

There are many types of services offered with TV installations. Some of the installation options are TV wall mounting, DSTV decoder mounting, DSTV Soundbar mounting, in-ceiling TV mounting, screen mount LCD TVs and in-wall speakers in your business or home.

TV Installations

Choose the Right TV Bracket

Whether you’re installing a new TV or just replacing the bracket on an old set, choosing the right tv mount for your setup is key. There are three different types of TV brackets: fixed, tilting and swiveling. Indeed, fixed and swiveling brackets can hold larger TV’s than tilting brackets and all of them can typically hold any standard-sized 32 inch TV with no problem.

tv bracket

Fixed TV Bracket

Our fixed TV brackets are a very practical, secure and efficient way of mounting your television in a location where you often watch it. It is also a neat and simple solution for a multifaceted problem, in that it resolves issues with your space limitations, offers much-needed security from toppling over, and improves the appearance of your home or office interior. It is no surprise then that they have been widely used all over the globe.

Tilting TV Bracket

Tilting tv bracket gives you the freedom to enjoy movies with your family or entertain your guests. It can withstand up to 50kg, with tilt +15/ -5, giving you the luxury to raise the TV with ease. Choose this tilting tv bracket and experience convenience like never before.

tilting tv bracket

Swivelling TV Bracket

A swivelling TV bracket is a tv mounting kit that allows the user to swivel the tv across multiple angles. This ability to swivel the television during installation makes it easier to view even when sitting. A swivelling bracket also makes it easier to clean behind the TV without having to move it out of place during cleaning time.

Swivelling TV Bracket

TV installer near me?

You just bought a new TV and you need to get it installed. Who do you call? A friend who knows a guy? A TV installer near me? The cable guy or the old lady down the street? Well, it turns out you can WhatsApp us! We will install your TV.

TV mounting ideas?

When choosing a location for your flat-screen TV you will have lots of questions. Should I mount it on the wall or on a TV entertainment centre? What should I put under this thing so it doesn’t fall forward? Should I consider a TV lift? WhatsApp for the best Ideas!

TV mounting above the fireplace

Do you have an entertainment centre above your fireplace? Then it just might be time for a new TV installation. You can still enjoy your beloved television shows while spending your cosy evenings cuddling on the floor.

Do you install TV aerials?

The answer is YES. It is a difficult task to install a TV aerial. These installations involve a lot of expertise. When you hire our TV aerial installers, you can be sure that your property will be secure from any possible damage.

Can I mount my tv on drywall?

Yes! You can mount your TV onto drywall, but there are some things you should know before proceeding. It’s important to know what type of wall or ceiling you have before mounting your TV or other large electronic devices.

How high to mount my TV?

One question I’m often asked is, “How High Should I Mount My TV?” Answering this question isn’t simply a matter of measuring the distance between your couch and wall and deciding where to screw in the bracket. However, you install your television (and there are many ways to do it!) it should be done in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Can I mount my tv on the ceiling?

Installing a TV on your ceiling might seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before, but mounting a TV to the ceiling is a fairly easy project that can be completed in less than two hours. The basic steps for mounting a flat-panel TV to the ceiling are the same regardless of the size of the TV. However, if your TV measures more than 60 inches diagonally, you’ll need to hire a professional installer from our company.

How to set up my tv?

If you are reading this, you are most probably curious about what we do. We are the best company in your area offering installation of flat-screen TVs, home theatres setups and multi-zone entertainment systems. We offer same-day service with guaranteed satisfaction.

How to set up my tv?

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