Electric Fencing concepts and ideas have been around since the late 1930’s and have since evolved into the great and effective technology of today.  Furthermore, Electric Fencing Repairs has been installing electric fences in South Africa for many years.

Electric Fencing Repairs

We have established a  solid relationship with happy customers and gained  clients over the years making sure every area of your premises is covered with 24-hour protection and minimal maintenance. Importantly, Electric Fencing  guarantees brilliant quality electric fencing and services.

Electric Fence Repairs and Electric Fencing installations

Firstly, for Electric Fence Repairs and Electric Fencing installations call us now.  Book an appointment with one of our representatives to come to your property in and around the Gauteng area.  The Rep will assess the property size. And discuss the requirements you are looking for and give you the best electric fence price.

Electric Fencing installations

Furthermore, if you require only maintenance for your fence again the representative will gladly come to you and assess what fence repairs need to be done. Quote you according to what needs to be replaced and serviced.  Electric Fences are strong but are susceptible to getting damaged from various weather conditions or other environmental damages.

Electric Fencing Repairs also does electric gates while installing electric fences, as well as repairs for electric gates.  If your gate motor is faulty we can pinpoint the problem and do the necessary repairs quickly and effortlessly.

Speak to one of our consultants if you are unsure of electric fence energizer issues. And if it needs repairs or if you require a new energizer.

Electric Fence System Certificate of compliance is compulsory

Secondly, the Occupational Health and Safety act requires any kind of electric installation or electric fencing to have an Electric Fence System Certificate of compliance.  It is compulsory and in your best interest to keep within and adhere to the regulations. Required by the government to make sure all parts of your premises protected by electric fencing are legal.
So, call Electric Fencing Repairs for a quote and your compliance certificate today.

Get your  Repairs Here

Thirdly, Nemtek Energizer is one of the many good brands Electric Fencing Repairs chooses to supply and use for installations.  Speak to us about this particular high-quality brand and more for any of the services we provide.

Electric Fence Suppliers

The Electric Fence Suppliers offers all kinds of security brands

Finally, Electric Fencing Repairs is the electric fence supplier of good brands and quality service for higher-grade electric fence wire. And premises security solutions we can assure you of our products. And of our knowledge of all and any repairs and fittings.

We are here for you.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMWgBnss2Zk
Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_fence