Firstly, CCTV cameras have become very popular these days. They play an essential role in enhancing the safety and security of a home or office. If you live in Durban and are concerned about the safety of your loved ones. You have come to the right CCTV installation company. We are CCTV Durban, the most popular and trusted CCTV company for the sale and installation of CCTV cameras. Indeed, our CCTV technicians are experts in the field and offer same-day installations.

CCTV Durban

CCTV Security Surveillance in Durban @ CCTV Durban

Moreover, at CCTV Durban, we are as passionate about your safety and security as much as you are. We aim to provide the highest quality video surveillance services to our customers. We have a long list of happy CCTV Installation customers. Who say they feel more secure about their loved ones and their property because of our efforts.

 Customized CCTV installations @ CCTV Durban

Secondly, the efficacy of surveillance is dependent upon how well the network of cameras is placed at strategic points and connected. CCTV installation is not child’s play. And even big companies need highly skilled and experienced technicians to maximize resources for better surveillance. CCTV Durban has a long and varied experience of CCTV installations. We have installed cameras in homes, offices, factories, and other commercial establishments.

CCTV installations around Durban

Furthermore, the safety of the client and his property is the priority of CCTV Durban. Our technicians do wiring and place cameras. In such a way that each human activity is recorded in the cameras. They also make sure that recording continues without interruptions so that there are no gaps. And vulnerabilities in the safety and security of the customer.

Different structures need different CCTV installations. A long experience of our technicians in Durban gives us an edge over our competitors in this regard. You can expect smooth and efficient CCTV installations when hiring our services.

 High-quality Hikvision camera @ CCTV Durban

Thirdly, when it comes to the safety and security of the client. No compromise on the quality of equipment can be made. It is for this reason that we sell and install only branded and high-quality cameras. The most commonly used camera for video surveillance used in Durban is Hikvision camera. At CCTV Durban, you can also order CCTV Direct cameras and equipment.

We know that a customer does not invest in security and surveillance time and again. It is why we place CCTV that is long-lasting. That keeps recording events smoothly without interruptions.

Equipment other than PTZ camera and Dahua camera sold at our store is IP camera wireless, dome camera, 8 channel DVR, 16 channel DVR, Hikvision DVR, and CCTV monitor.

 IP Camera or CCTV camera

Finally, there is no doubt that CCTV camera has become extremely popular. And customers ask for it for video surveillance. With the easy availability of fast speed internet. IP Camera has also become popular these days.

CCTV camera

As the name suggests, it is an Internet Protocol camera that is more efficient than an analog camera. Also covers a larger area during surveillance. At CCTV Durban, we install both types of cameras on the premises of our customers.

In addition to CCTV cameras, we also provide many other services to our customers.

• Elegant and efficient TV mounting
• Wi-Fi installations for better connectivity
• Electric fencing for enhanced security
• Garage door motor for automation
• Fast Garage door repair
So, contact CCTV Durban with confidence today.