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Firstly, instances of burglaries and break-ins are increasing in Cape Town with each passing year. It is natural for you to feel concerned about the safety and security of your loved ones. Furthermore, you are most welcome if you came here searching for a good quality CCTV installation company.

Cctv Cape Town

Moreover, CCTV has become a necessity in present times to have visual proof of the happenings at a place. If you are looking for a surveillance camera, you should WhatsApp CCTV Cape Town.

You will find a wide variety of CCTV cameras for sale. Also, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a high-quality and efficient CCTV camera sale and CCTV installation company.

 Smooth and efficient CCTV installations @ CCTV Cape Town

Secondly, CCTV is not a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity to ensure and enhance the safety and security of structures and human beings. However, the critical thing to keep in mind is that this technology of video surveillance is only as good as CCTV installations. So, at CCTV Cape Town, we have highly skilled technicians. To carry out installations smoothly on the premises of our customers.

CCTV installations

So, no matter where your property is situated in Cape Town and what your security requirements are. Our CCTV installations are always of the highest quality. In addition, customized CCTV installations bring complete satisfaction to our clients. As they can see activities taking place in all the points in their properties?

Importantly, we train our technicians all the time and give them exposure to genuine equipment made by top brands. These technicians also attend workshops organized by CCTV camera manufacturers. This training and exposure come in handy for them. And they can carry out CCTV installations quickly and efficiently.

 The increasing popularity of IP camera

Thirdly, the Internet Protocol camera referred to as IP camera, is gaining in popularity among people these days. Many people are switching to IP camera as it gives higher resolution images and videos. Also, this camera covers a much larger area as compared to traditional CCTV cameras. CCTV Cape Town, we get regular queries from customers regarding IP camera wireless.

Furthermore, you can order CCTV Direct cameras and other equipment directly from us. You will find surveillance cameras of many popular brands on our website. These include the Dahua camera, PTZ camera, and Hikvision camera among many others. We also sell CCTV monitor, 16 channel DVR, wireless CCTV camera, dome camera, 8 channel DVR, and Hikvision 16 channel DVR.

CCTV Direct cameras

In addition, to CCTV camera sale and installation, also, we provide services like:
• Same day Wi-Fi installations
• Great pricing on Electric fencing
• Fast Gate motor repair @ Low prices
• Automate your door with a Garage door motor
• Upgrade or install new Intercoms
• We manufacture and install Security Gates
So, please contact us for these services. We assure you of the same high quality and affordable pricing that has become a hallmark of CCTV Cape Town.