Because crime is always a concern.  Every homeowner or business wants extra protection.  Not just indoors but more importantly surrounding properties.  The question is, is your boundary protection enough? Indeed, electric fencing can be expensive but with our Electric Fence Price, you will be shocked to see how affordable it is.

Our Electric fence price is the BEST! Electric Fence Installations & Repairs Countrywide

Evidently the more intelligent the security measures.  The safer we are. But, what does it all cost?  Also, how long does it all take to set up? Did you know that 24-hour security around your home is possible at low costs?  In addition, you can manage it all yourself.

Electric Fencing is a great option for every home or business property.  Because it is on all the time.  In spite of load shedding or manpower being unavailable. Invest in boundary security that lasts and is inexpensive. There is no need to waste money on extra security guards.  As a result, you will save more money.

Not only can electric fencing be fitted to all perimeter walls or palisades.  But it can be installed around any size property. First, consider that it can be a good warning signal to intruders.

Secondly, the maintenance is little to none once it is in place and running. Third, it works perfectly with all other security features like electric gates.  Or even CCTV cameras and boundary alarms.

Fourth, choose our service as we offer free quotes and advice. We guarantee after-sales services if there are any faults. Not only do we offer a full installation team but we also offer the products you need.

As a result, you get full service from one company. Contact our office now for low prices on electric fencing products and accessories.

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Security and protection with the best electric fence price

Security and protection with the best electric fences price.Despite the crisis, we face with COVID our company has remained consistent throughout.  In the case of our service and values, we make sure we are the people you can depend on. Along with great price offers we give our best to every customer.  No project is the same and requires all of our attention.

For one thing, big property installations need a full team on board.  This ensures a project is completed on time. But even if it is a small job the same amount of effort is put in for your satisfaction. Because we like to keep our promises on time and money we make sure you receive quality.

Therefore we recommend our products and our service to anyone.

Service offers

Our service offers are the best and the lowest.  An electric fence price doesn’t need to break the bank. So contact us and let us assist you with budget deals today.

When we speak of service offers we many all of it. For example, the products we offer like CCTV security or guardhouse technology.  Even electric motors for garage doors. We have it all.  Choose products like Nemtek and Hikvision cameras for your perimeter walls.

High voltage electric fencing and state of the art technology. Furthermore, invest in remote fencing monitoring which is safer and quicker in emergencies.

Moreover, we offer power surge protection.  Plus, lightning protection too. Besides this, you can decide to connect to your local security response.  Alternatively, manage it all yourself.

Electric Fence is your choice – Feel Safe!

It is your property and your choice.  So, choose an electric fence price at reasonable rates today. Why us?

Firstly, our prices are competitive and we will beat anyone. Secondly, our teams are skillful and educated.  As well as ready and available today to help you. Thirdly, are quotes and advice are free! Fourthly, we offer every aspect of security you may need.

Finally, choose us not just for our electric fence prices, but also for our business standards. Because we offer the best we always offer a job well done.  This means a guarantee of high quality.

In conclusion, for the best prices on Electric Fence Installations in South Africa, call us now!


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