How to Upgrade DStv Package?

Yes, you don’t have to remain at your initially subscribed package for long. Indeed, you can upgrade depending on your viewing style and learn how to upgrade the DStv Package. Multichoice has some channels that are only accessible to specific packages.

If your favourite sports or TV shows fall in this category, you can choose to upgrade. It is convenient as you will always be a part of the action once your upgrade is complete.

Is your DStv Package Upgradable?

You can now reach out to our team for assistance in making these upgrades. There are several ways you can complete your upgrade process. Indeed, our experts will ensure your system is upgraded and working as well as it should. You can thus sit back while we help you get the best viewing experience with your preferred DStv bouquet.

How to Upgrade DStv

Can you make the Upgrade yourself?

You can now learn how to upgrade DStv package yourself. Indeed, you will not need the help of an expert for a successful upgrade. You can thus perform it conveniently and have a properly working system in no time.

All you need is your computer, a stable internet connection, and your smart decoder card.

  1. Log into the DStv portal and click on the self-service portal.
  2. You only need your smartcard number and your username to log in.
  3. You can also create an account if you don’t already have one and proceed with this process.
  4. Find the account button on the portal and click on it.
  5. Proceed to the Add or Change page on the website
  6. It will give you the option to either add or make a change to the account.
  7. Select the Dstv package you want to upgrade to.
  8. It gets added to your account.
  9. Make payment.
  10. Enjoy!

Restart your decoder, and you can begin enjoying the new subscription. Indeed, this is how to upgrade DStv package yourself.

You can also upgrade through WhatsApp – How to Upgrade DStv

Multichoice now allows you to make an upgrade through WhatsApp. Indeed, our experts will help you through this process. You will thus have your upgrade completed in no time. Firstly, you will contact Multichoice through their official South African number, 060 060 3788.

Indeed, you will request an upgrade on your subscription to any higher package. They will thus make all the necessary changes. This is how to upgrade DStv package through WhatsApp conveniently. Indeed, our experts have you covered whenever you need a hardware upgrade.

How to Upgrade DStv & Which is the right package for you

Multichoice offers several package options when the installation of Dstv is done. Indeed, you need an expert to help you decide on the right package to get.

  • Your watching patterns will influence it, and you should thus get an option that works best for you.

Here are the DStv Package Options available for you

  • Premium packages
  • Compact Plus
  • Compact
  • Family
  • EasyView
  • Access
  • More info on Dstv Packages

These packages offer different channel options. You should thus know them before learning how to upgrade DStv packages. Once you make your desired upgrade, you should always ensure your subscription is paid on time.

Compare your DStv Channels Now

Premium Channels 

Compact Plus Channels 

Compact Channels 

Family Channels 

Access Channels 

EasyView Channels 

How to Upgrade DStv


#1. Will you have to pay for every upgrade?

Yes, you will be required to pay for every DStv subscription upgrade you make. Indeed, the payments are for the package, and it will act as your first monthly payment. You will thus not incur additional charges from Multichoice. In addition, you can keep your costs low by learning how to upgrade DStv from our team. We offer the best prices for upgrades. In addition, we are available countrywide.

#2. Will your account get downgraded for delayed payment?

Once you make an upgrade on your package, Multichoice will not downgrade you. You can thus choose to make the downgrade yourself when you want to. The account will thus get suspended until your next billing month if you fail to make payment. You should thus remember this once you learn how to upgrade DStv.