When you first get a DStv connection, you want a Multichoice located as close to you as possible. They offer a reliable way to fix all the problems you encounter with your setup. You will thus want to know there is a Multichoice near me, and what services are they allowed to offer?

What services does a Multichoice offer?

Before one can become a Multichoice dealer, you have to be accredited by the company. They will rank you accordingly and will tell you the services you are allowed to offer. When you are looking for  Multichoice, you should first look at their class. Most accredited companies will help you install your satellite dish, make repairs and sell Dstv products.

Multichoice near me

How do I find a Multichoice?

Since they created an online presence, finding them is now easier and convenient. All you need to do is perform a search on the internet, and you will get the DStv website. Navigate through it, and you will spot a section with all the stores and dealers. When you click on it, it will bring up a list of them all.

You can now find them from the list by simply entering your area. It will give you a list of the closest dealers, and you can seek their services. It is convenient and fast, and you can even get a detailed map to follow to where they are located.

Reaching out to Multichoice through the phone.

They have a toll-free number for all their clients, and if you need to find an installer, you can use it. All you have to do is dial the number and wait for their agents to pick you up. They will direct you to the nearest one based on where you are. Since the call is free, this is very convenient.

Multichoice near me

How to spot DStv

Spotting them is simple owing to their common theme. When you become a dealer or accredited installer, you have to get the merchandise from Multichoice. They will give you banners and signs about DStv. When you see a place with all these, it is them. You can now locate & conveniently get their services.

Multichoice centre