Electric Fencing Pretoria. Modern and sophisticated electric fence installations in Pretoria and surrounding areas.  In the last decade, we have sadly seen crime on the rise. And with that more and more housing estates and blocked off areas are popping up to keep people feeling more safe and protected.

Electric Fencing Pretoria

All-closed off areas are turning to 24hour protection that involves electronics. But the one that has been the most efficient and most used over the years is Electric fencing. Furthermore, Electric Fencing Pretoria has been in the industry watching and gaining valuable knowledge. About the best ways to make fencing affordable but also deliver more reliable protection.  We offer highly developed technology and products and equally qualified trustworthy technicians.

Installing Electric Fence and Electric Gates

Installing Electric Fences and installing electric gates can put your mind at ease as it makes your home or work environment safer.  Electric Fencing Pretoria offers the best possible electric fence prices and we have package deals that will help you keep within your budget.

Electric Gates

Aside from offering electric fencing installations we also offer electric fence repairs and gate motor repairs.  All fittings associated with electric fencing we can, fix, fit, and replace.  So if you are looking for a service provider who does maintenance contracts for your fencing keeping it working at its optimum level then. We are the service provider for you.  Speak to an Electric Fencing Pretoria adviser today and get information related to all our services including all the products. We keep like electric fence wire and the brands we have and also electric fence energizer products and brands.

The supplier of the best brands like Nemtek Energizer

Electric Fencing Pretoria is the supplier of the best brands like Nemtek Energizer.  Nemtek is a well-known brand across the world and has been trusted for its products and knowledge on electric fence energizers by many different industries and facilities. Make sure you fit your electric fence wire with only the best technicians and industry required products, this will leave you being worry free, knowing that any repairs or installations you have done will be properly fitted and will last you for years to come.  Call the local experts Electric Fencing Pretoria.

Electric Fencing technician Pretoria

Government regulations about electric fencing, Electric Fencing Pretoria

In case you did not know, when it comes to electricity and the requirements. Government regulations want any property owner that has electric fence wire to have in their possession a valid Electric Fence system certificate of compliance. Give Electric Fencing Pretoria a call.  A technician for an affordable fee will be sent to your property to evaluate the fence and make sure it is certified correctly.

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