Electric Fence Installations, have the latest electric fence installation technology.  There are many good companies to choose from. But we can guarantee our workmanship as we have experienced and highly trained technicians that deliver exceptional service.  Our fencing techniques look neat and sophisticated and still keeping your property wall looking stylish.

Electric Fence Installations

Not only do Electric Fence Installations offer installations. But we are also a well-known and reasonable electric fence repairs company that has parts for all-electric fence maintenance.  Get in touch with us and ask about our new installations. As well as our repairs and electric fence parts department, for affordable service quotes that are free and fair.

Electric Fence Price

Electric Fence Installations is electric fence price – conscious because we know times are hard and everyone is budgeting, but, people want secure properties as crime sadly is on the rise from the effects of unemployment.  So keeping our customer’s best interest at heart. We work within budget-friendly guidelines and offer great packages for installing electric fences.

Electric Fence Price

It does not stop there, we also fix and install electric gates.  Ask our friendly call agents about the electric fence repairs maintenance packages and electric fencing installations on offer.  We are the stockists of good-grade electric fence wire and electric fence energizer products. So, call and ask for Electric Fence Installations.

Electric Fence Energizer and Nemtek Energizer

Electric Fence Installations stock Nemtek energizers, and other quality electric fence energizers.  It is important to stick to brands that are compliant with regulations. And companies that are educated and knowledgeable about brands that keep your electric fence working correctly.  An electric pulse needs to be consistently passing the electric wire. Keeping to products that are stable and reputable is in your best interest.

System certificate of compliance, another service we offer

Be sure to always adhere to the government’s regulations and electric fencing.  Speak to Electric Fence Installations about servicing and repairing your damaged or malfunctioning electric fence. Once we have fixed and made sure the fence is in proper working order we can issue you with an Electric Fence System certificate of compliance.

Electric Fence Energizer

We cannot guarantee any certificates unless we have done a full inspection of the fence. And made sure it is within the required regulations expected by the government.   If we have installed a new fence for you we will gladly assure you of our work with a certificate for your records and peace of mind.

Call the professionals at Electric Fence Installation for superior products and dependable service. We guarantee our work and products.

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