Get Help from our DStv Extra View setup pdf

An ExtraView connection is where you arrange two DStv decoders so that they are linked to a single account. It is a great way to get value from your DStv connection while ensuring everyone in your home can enjoy their favourite shows uninterrupted. Extra view is a great invention from Multichoice that ensures your family members will no longer have to fight for the remote and a DStv Extra View setup pdf will help you with connections.

DStv Extra View Setup Pdf

What is a DStv extra view setup pdf and how will it help you?

However, making the connection can be very challenging for a beginner, and you might even need the services of an expert installer. With this DStv extra view setup pdf, you can learn how to connect faster and more conveniently.

How many decoders can you connect?

Secondly, Multichoice only allows for a maximum of two decoders for every primary decoder in your extra view setup. The primary decoder is the one other decoders will be getting their signal from, and it is on this decoder that you have to pay your subscription.

The other decoders you will be connecting to are called secondary decoders. Their signal strength will depend on how well you connect them and the signal strength from your primary decoder.  To achieve a better connection, ensure these two decoders are connected using a single cable. It will ensure a stronger Extra View heartbeat, and your signal strength will be good.

DStv Extra View Setup Pdf

Which decoders can be used for the Extra View connection?

Indeed, many new-generation decoders will easily connect to Extra View. You, however, have to be sure of this before making your purchase, and you can do so by checking whether it has an RF-in and RF-out port. If it does, you can include it in your network of Extra View connections.

In your connection, you have to ensure that one decoder, preferably the primary one, is a DStv Explora. Finally, these decoders are known to have a stronger signal, and it will make it easier for you to connect secondary decoders.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry. Thanks to this DStv extra view setup pdf, you can save some money. Lastly, make your connections instead of hiring a technician. You can now get the best DStv viewing experience and enjoy great programming.