Is your DStv hard drive corrupt?

New DStv decoders come with a hard drive that gives you more control over it and your overall watching experience. If you have a DStv Explora or HD decoder, you will never miss your favourite shows, thanks to the hard drive it comes with. You can save your shows, pause, and resume live tv whenever you want to, and this is very convenient. When you get the DStv hard drive may be a corrupt prompt, and it can be challenging to handle it.

What causes the DStv hard drive may be a corrupt error?

DStv Hard Drive May Be Corrupt

Many causes of the DStv hard drive may be corrupt error, and many are software related. Like any electronic device, your decoder can also experience software corruption. It can result from a virus that enters your decoder when you plug in a memory stick or connect your decoder to the internet.

Another reason for this error can come when you make a system update for your decoder. It could download a corrupted update, and this could also corrupt your DStv hard drive.

What are the effects of DStv corrupt hard drive?

When your DStv decoder becomes corrupted, it will delete all the data you have saved on it. If you have your favourite shows there, they will be deleted. It is thus very inconvenient.

When you get the DStv hard drive error, you will be unable to pause live TV. You will miss on whatever is happening, resulting in you missing a lot of important information.

How to fix corrupt DStv hard drive?

First, disconnect your decoder from the power supply, and press and hold the power button at the front of your decoder. Insert the power cable and let your decoder turn on without releasing the power button. After a while, release the power button, and it will bring up the word “CODE” on your screen.

DStv Hard Drive May Be Corrupt

Your decoder will begin the formatting process, and it will take a while, depending on the data you have saved. When it is complete, the decoder will reboot itself and will resume your last viewed channel. Your decoder will be formatted, and you won’t get the DStv corrupt error anymore.

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