DStv Explora Settings [DStv decoder settings]

When you purchase and complete your DStv Explora connection, you are assured of the best features from Multichoice. This benefit also extends to the numerous DStv Explora frequency settings available to activate. These settings will affect your overall watching experience a lot, and knowing how to navigate through them will allow you to always save the best changes. Here are some of the most common DStv Explora settings you will encounter.

DStv Explora Settings

How to set the time on your DStv Explora

Your Explora decoder can help you tell the time instead of looking at your watch or clock while you watch. Having the correct time will ensure you get the right information whenever you use your DStv Explora. The DStv Explora settings for adjusting the time are available on the DStv menu.

Where is advanced options on DStv Explora?

Press the DStv button to bring up the main menu. Click on the advanced options and select the local time option. You can now get the option to change the time depending on your local time. Change the time using the left and right buttons on your remote.

How to change the language on your DStv Explora

Another important aspect of the DStv Explora settings is changing the language on your decoder. The decoder has numerous language options to choose from, and you can set the one you understand best. This option is located in the main menu of the DStv decoder. First, click on the DStv button on your remote, and it will bring up the setup menu.

Navigate to the settings option, and you will get the language changing option. Select it, and it will bring up a list of languages available. You can select your preferred language, and the decoder will save it automatically.

DStv Explora Settings

Checking the DStv Explora Signal Strength Settings

Checking your DStv Explora’s signal strength is among the most important DStv Explora settings you have to know. If you encounter a poor signal error, it will help you identify the reason and correct it easily. First, click on the DStv settings option and navigate to the network option. select it, and it will bring you an option to perform a network scan.

When complete, you will get the final signal readings on your decoder. If they are too low, you can begin making repairs and replacements before they become even lower.