Do you need a DStv Satellite Dish in your Connection?

When you purchase a DStv entertainment system, you will also get a satellite dish that connects. The satellite dish should be installed in a specific direction and at a certain elevation. In some homes, the DStv satellite dish will be located at the front of the house, and as a homeowner, you may not want that. It will seem to interfere with the general appearance of your house.

DStv Satellite Dish

Thus, you may want to know whether you can watch your DStv channels without a DStv dish installation. This is a common concern for many people, and if you are one of them, this article will help you a lot.

What is the purpose of a DStv dish?

In any connection, the DStv dish acts as the source of the signal. This is a very important feature, and if the dish is not connected, your decoder will not receive any signal. Without a signal, you cannot watch any DStv channel. The DStv dish is thus very important, and this is also why its installation should be done very carefully. Since it is vital to the connection, you cannot watch DStv without the DStv dish.

More reasons why you can now watch without a dish

Apart from the signal reception function of your satellite dish, there are more reasons you cannot watch your DStv without a dish. First, all the channels on your DStv Package subscription are in a satellite, and you need another DStv satellite dish to establish a connection. Without a DStv dish, you cannot receive signals from any of the channels.

DStv Satellite Dish

Second, your decoder is designed to only work when connected to a satellite dish. If you haven’t installed a DStv satellite dish in your connection, the decoder will only boot but cannot proceed from there. It relies on the signals from your satellite dish to perform all its tasks, and without it, it will bring no signal error.

With all the important features that a DStv dish offers, its purpose in your setup is easy to see. Before you can begin watching any of your favourite channels, you will need to install your satellite dish. Need your dish installed? WhatsApp or Call us!!!