Choose the Right DStv Satellite

Before you can settle on one DStv satellite dish, your accredited DStv installer should inform you about the various options available to you. When you buy a DStv dish, you can choose between the different zone options available. These are differentiated by size and the level of network reception they have.

Dstv Satellite

Does the DStv Dish Size Affect your Signal Level?

The size of your DStv satellite dish will play a huge role in the signal strength your decoder receives. Since the main purpose of a dish is to gather signals and transfer them to your decoder, the size will affect the amount of signal it gathers.

When you have a bigger satellite dish, it will get more signals, and you will have a stronger signal reading on your decoder.

The size of your satellite dish will also affect its portability and the overall purchase and installation cost. When you have a bigger dish, you will need the services of an installer to do it correctly. The dish will need a different angle of elevation and a different height.

Do these Satellite Dishes have a similar installation?

Multichoice has made the satellite installation as smooth as possible. Regardless of the dish you have, you can complete the installation process conveniently since it is the same. Whether you have a huge DStv satellite dish or a small one, what you need to install it is the same.

Dstv Satellite

Before you can complete your DStv satellite installation, you will need to have a smart LNB regardless of the satellite dish you are using. This is the arm-like extension on our satellite dish and is responsible for transferring the signal to your decoder. This device will come with your DStv package, and you can set it up after you complete setting up the dish.

What is the cost of a DStv satellite dish?

The prices will vary depending on the size of your dish. If you are using a bigger DStv satellite dish, you will have to pay more for the dish, and your installation will be costly. This is a factor you should always have in mind before selecting the satellite dish you want.