As you create your DStv explora connection, one of the vital items you need to have is an Explora LNB. This device is needed in all your DStv connections, and its purpose is vital as it will determine your picture quality and the signal strength your decoder receives.

Explora LNB

LNB means a Low Noise Block down converter, and its purpose is to translate the signals received by your DStv satellite dish into those your DStv Explora decoder can understand.

Without an Explora LNB, your decoder will not receive a meaningful signal and will thus not display anything. The LNB will ensure the picture quality from your decoder is high even when the signal is too low for short periods.

Do you need to have an Explora LNB device for your DStv setup?

A smart LNB is needed in several decoder versions, while others will work well even without one. If you have a DStv HD decoder, you won’t need a smart LNB device since it will work just fine.

The HD decoder is a single view and will receive its signals well from a single LNB device.

What are the different Smart LNB models?

A smart LNB allows you to have multiple installations and signal transfers from your satellite dish. You can connect more decoders, making it very convenient.

There are several Explora models available, and before you settle on one Explora LNB model, you should know which one will work best for you.

Explora LNB

Multichoice has been working to include more features in its decoders. Some of the most popular models are LMX501 and LMX500. They all have different features and will work best in different setups.

Which is the right LNB option for you?

If you want the best performance, you should get the LMX501 Explora LNB model. It has advanced features such as a 30 bands capability that will increase your signal strength.

It also has 3 UniCable outputs that make it very convenient. When you get this cable your DStv viewing experience will become even better.