What is a DStv Heartbeat Cable?

If you are a regular DStv user, you have likely come across the word cable a lot. However, for a beginner, it is difficult to know what a heartbeat cable is and how they are used. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about DStv cables and how they are connected.

You will no longer need the help of a technician to make all these connections with your DStv Explora decoder.

Heartbeat Cable

Where is a heartbeat cable used in a DStv connection?

One of the most likely uses of a heartbeat cable you will encounter is making an Xtra View connection.

  • These cables are used to link one primary decoder to the other secondary decoders in the connection.
  • Thus, it is very important since its signals will ensure you can watch your channels on any decoder in the connection.

How is a DStv cable connected?

When creating an extra view connection, you first have to understand how these connections are made.

  • The wiring is connected to the required port on your primary decoder.
  • The other end of the heartbeat cable is connected to the secondary decoder to add only one decoder to the extra view connection.

How to check whether the heartbeat cable is connected correctly

Once you have completed making the Extra View connection using the cable, it should show all the channels. There is also a way to check whether the connection is done correctly.

  • Run the installation wizard on your decoder and check the signal strength on the secondary decoder.

Heartbeat Cable

Lastly, if you connect the cable incorrectly, it will also bring up the E143 error.

This means your cable is not transmitting a heartbeat signal every two minutes as it should. You will need to correct this if you want to use an extra view.

  • Inspect the cable connections to ensure it is connected to the right ports.
  • Check whether the heartbeat is broken and if so, replace it.

Indeed, connecting this cable is simple, and you won’t need the help of a technician.