Waiting for Communication from Primary Decoder – XtraView

When the “waiting for communication from primary decoder” error message pops up on your screen, it can be a major cause of concern. It is also known as the E143-4 error and is associated with extra view connections. There are several reasons to get this error message, and knowing them is vital. It will make it easier to handle them.

Waiting for communication from primary Decoder

What causes the DStv waiting for communication from primary decoder error?

The E143-4 error can come during your Extra View Installation, and it will make the entire system unresponsive while you use it. It can also come after your extra view installation, where it begins working and later stops. These are all causes of the decoder error, and identifying the one you are facing will inform your solution.

What triggers the error?

The problem could come after you complete your ExtraView installation if it hasn’t been activated by Multichoice. You have to communicate with MultiChoice after your setup to ensure they send you the right signal. If it was working before, the “waiting for communication from primary decoder” error could come when you delay your subscription.

It can also get triggered if your primary decoder is not sending enough signals to the secondary decoder. This is usually a problem with the connection or a poor signal from the satellite dish due to installation problems.

How to correct the DStv decoder error

First, ensure your connection is approved by Multichoice. Inform them of all the secondary decoders in your setup to ensure you get a strong signal. They will activate your setup after some time, and it will get rid of the “waiting for communication from primary decoder” error. You should also ensure your DStv Package is up to date.

Waiting for communication from primary Decoder

You can also solve the “waiting for communication from primary decoder” error by correcting your installation. Ensure your satellite has the right elevation and is facing the right direction so that your decoders get a strong signal. You can also look into the state of your heartbeat cable as it could be the cause of your decoder error.

Purchase new cables or repair those you have for the best connection. These are the causes of the error and how you can fix them yourself.