Smart LNB Settings – DStv LNB Frequency settings

LNB is short for Low-Noise Block down converter and is an essential tool in any DStv connection. It is easy to identify as it is attached to the satellite dish after installation. When your satellite dish receives radio signals, the smart LNB helps convert them to signals your decoder can understand. You must also know how to navigate through smart LNB settings after its installation.

Smart LNB Settings

How to install the Smart LNB on your satellite

You have to install the smart LNB onto your decoder before you can begin watching all the channels available. It is also the first step before moving to the  LNB settings option on your decoder. The device is delicate, and you should install it after you have completed setting up your satellite dish.

First, attach the arm-like part of the satellite and hold it in with screws. You can now attach the smart LNB to it and proceed to smart LNB settings on your decoder.

Navigating through Settings on your DStv Decoder

The main settings on your decoder are on the DStv menu. It helps to activate the entire setup once the connection is complete and it is the installation wizard. These LNB settings are in all DStv decoders, and you have to run them before you can begin watching.

First, click on the DStv menu button on your remote to bring up the main menu from your decoder. Once it comes up, select the settings option and navigate to the Installation wizard option. Select it, and your decoder will bring up a prompt. When you accept it, the installation process will begin.

Smart LNB Settings

Ensure your decoder is tuned to channel 100 for the best settings results. Once the installation wizard process is complete, it will reboot your decoder, and you can find out whether your settings were right.

If it brings on all the channels in your subscription, it means you were successful. However, if it doesn’t, it shows there is an error in your smart LNB settings, and you will have to carry out the setup again.

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