Firstly, a smart LNB is a vital part of any DStv Explora setup. Secondly, the LNB is needed to ensure you always have the strongest signal and your picture quality is high.  Thirdly, the smart LNB for Explora is easy to spot as it is attached to your satellite dish and appears as an arm-like part. The smart LNB, however, works in smaller connections and is not suitable when you want to create a DStv installation for commercial purposes.

What role does a smart LNB for Explora play in your viewing?

Smart LNB for Explora

When you add the smart LNB to your Explora connection, it will receive the radio waves from your satellite and convert them to signals that your decoder can understand. Indeed, it will thus allow you to get a clear picture when watching your decoder.

How to install the Explora?

After you have already set up your dish, you should install the LNB. It is delicate and doing this will prevent it from getting damaged and rendering it unfunctional.

All you need to connect the smart LNB for Explora is a screwdriver. Install the arm part of the decoder. First, ensure your satellite is at the right elevation and is facing the right direction before you proceed.

Attach it firmly onto the right part of the satellite dish and screw it in firmly. Ensure it can withstand heavy wind. Make sure the dish alignment is correct.

If you require help with the alignment, let us know. The technicians will come out and set it correctly

Connecting your cables to the Explora

The final part of setting up the LNB is connecting its cables. This process needs a lot of attention to detail since an incorrect connection will prevent signal transfer. First, locate the Unicable In port on your smart LNB and insert the RG6 cable into it.

Smart LNB for Explora

Run the cable using cable clips to the back of your decoder and insert it into the appropriate cable. These steps in the DStv Explora connection process can be challenging.

Indeed, if you are a beginner, you can hire an accredited DStv installer. Your smart LNB for Explora will be set up and ready for use when you complete these connections.