Sharing DStv with Neighbour

A great feature about getting Sharing DStv with Neighbour is that you can share it with many people. One of the connections you can make is with your neighbours. Some people share DStv with neighbours as a source of money as they get some fees when they are connected.

  • It is also very convenient and lets you get the most from your DStv connection.

Sharing DStv with Neighbour

What do you need when sharing DStv with a neighbour?

When sharing DStv with neighbours, however, there are specific rules that you should stick to.

  • It requires special decoders and cables to create the connection correctly.
  • Knowing how to make these connections when sharing DStv with a neighbour ensures you both have a strong DStv signal.

A Smart LNB for the connection

One of the major components in your setup is the smart LNB device. When sharing DStv with neighbours, it ensures the picture quality remains high and that the signal levels are high for all decoders.

  • It also allows you to create an extra view connection, and all decoders will operate independently.

You will, however, have to pay an Access fee to Multichoice above your monthly subscription. Once Multichoice receives your payment, the decoders will be activated, and you can begin sharing DStv with neighbours.

Getting compatible decoders

The connection needs to have the right decoder models before it can work. If you are a beginner, getting the right decoder combination with your neighbour can be challenging. You can, however, get a list of compatible decoders from the Multichoice website to ensure you and your neighbour have the right decoders.

Sharing DStv with Neighbour

You can also get DStv Explora or Explora Ultra for your setup to avoid all these connection challenges. Since these are fast and have better connectivity, it will be easier.

  • Multichoice only allows for a maximum of three decoders, and you should have this in mind before sharing.

Connecting the decoders in your setup

RG6 cables are used to link one decoder to another through Extra view settings.

  • You can connect them directly through an LNB or use a signal splitter.

All these are important items to your setup, and you should thus install them correctly.