What is the Purpose of the Satellite Dish?

The main purpose of the satellite dish in any DStv connection is to get a signal. When you set up the satellite, it will receive the DStv radio waves and convert them into signals that your decoder can understand through the smart LNB.

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Satellite Dish

While enjoying your DStv, however, you can encounter poor signal error messages. The problem is coming from your satellite dish if your decoder is working well and all components are connected well. Problems commonly associated with the satellite dish will make it challenging to watch your favourite shows.

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During the satellite dish installation, your dish should always face eastwards. After a while, however, it may lose its bearing and become misaligned. It can be caused by strong winds and poor weather, which may move the components of your dish, interfering with how you have set it up.

This is an easy problem to notice and repair. Inspect the satellite dish and fix any loose screws on the mounting base and the dish. Once you have realigned it, your poor signal problems will not appear.

Satellite dish cables are worn out

This problem often arises when you set up your cables poorly. It will be exposed to harsh elements and tagging by passersby since a part of the RG6 cable is outside your house. It can make your cable wear out or break, making it faulty. There will be a signal leak, and your signal and picture quality will drop.

Satellite Dish

You can, however, fix this yourself as all you have to do is identify the broken areas and reattach them. You can replace the RG6 cable to ensure the problem is fully corrected if it is too worn out. Yes, you can also install cable clips that will hold your cables to the wall. It will protect them from direct exposure, and no one will tag them.

These common dish problems are easy to fix and will not take up much time. You will be back to a great viewing experience. Please WhatsApp should you need any assistance.