Orange light on DStv Decoder – DStv decoder orange light only

Multichoice has included various features that make it easy to use your DStv decoder. One of these features is the different lights on the decoder. When there is important information you need to get, a specific decoder light will come on. One of these is the orange light on DStv decoder.

Orange light on DStv decoder

What does the orange light on DStv decoder mean?

The orange light on decoder will come on when you have a notification from Multichoice. One way Multichoice communicates is through decoder emails that are sent directly to your inbox. They are messages regarding different aspects of your DStv Explora connection.

If your Dstv Package is running out, you need to update, or there is an upcoming show saved, you will receive the orange light on decoder. It is very convenient and will ensure you never miss out on any important information from Multichoice.

How to turn off the light on DStv decoder

Although the light on the DStv decoder is convenient, it can get distracting after some time. The constant blinking will make it hard for you to focus on your shows while still on. Knowing how to turn it off will make your viewing experience better.

It is not a technical process, and you need a remote and some DStv knowledge only to fix it. First, click on the DStv button on your decoder to begin. It will bring up the menu options, navigate the “mail messages” below and click on it.

Orange light on DStv decoder

You can now view all the messages available from Multichoice. Since the light on DStv decoder comes up when you have an unread notification, the simplest way to fix it is by reading them. Open all these messages one by one and read the important information they have.

Once you are done, press the back button on your remote to exit the mail section. It will take you back to the main menu, and you can close it. You can also close it directly when you press the exit button. This is how you can remove the orange light on decoder.