No Communication from Primary Decoder – XtraView Error

This error is among the most common among DStv owners. Especially if you have an extra view setup. It will be displayed on your TV as error E143-0. You can also identify when there is no communication from primary decoder. This will be when all your secondary decoders aren’t broadcasting anything. It plays a huge role in your viewing experience. Indeed, you should ensure the error is corrected as fast as possible.

What is the primary decoder error?

No Communication From Primary Decoder

What causes “E143-0 no communication from primary decoder”

This error mostly occurs in extra view connections. It is caused by problems with your connection. The error could either occur during the installation process. Or after you have completed the extra view connection and have proceeded to the installation wizard.

The first cause of issues from primary decoder error occurs when your decoder hasn’t been activated by Multichoice. After you create an extra view connection, you must inform them of your signal activation. If you haven’t gotten the approval, you will experience a decoder error.

Another cause can come from your secondary getting a poor signal from the primary decoder. It could be from a damaged DStv heartbeat cable. Another reason is a poorly installed satellite dish. When you identify what is causing no communication from primary decoder in your extra view setup, you can correct it.

No Communication From Primary Decoder

How to fix a decoder

The problem comes from extra view connections. Thus when the no communication from the decoder error pops up on your screen. Always know where to start. First, you should ensure Multichoice is informed of your extra view connection when you install it. They will have to activate it. When they do, you won’t experience the primary decoder error.

You can also solve the no communication from primary decoder error. Do this by looking into your cable connection. Ensure the heartbeat cable in your extra view connection is not cut or worn out. If it is, you can replace it and prevent any signal leakages.

Another way to fix the problem is by installing a new diplexer. Replace if yours is damaged. Making these corrections will help you fix no communication from primary decoder error messages.